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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

warm weather?

This was written on Tuesday Jan. 10

I am not really motivated to get a lot accomplished today. I feel easy going and relaxed. I did clean my oven today. First time I used the self clean button. Wasn't much labor in pushing a single button. It took over 3 hours and the heat was outrageous. Stunk up the house too. Then I made nachos for lunch, I think I am losing site of our contest already, anyway, I forgot and left the oven on broil for almost 2 hours. Nice.

I am not complaining, but what is up with the weather. It is almost 70 degrees outside. We're loving it. #1 said.... Winter must have gotten tried and needed to take a break. I am not sure what the deal is but looks like no snow for us for sure if we keep having warm days like this. I was able to take some photos outside of the kids today. They are trying to chop up a fallen branch.


Blogger Kate said...

You're telling me - tomorrow it's supposed to be 71! I'm not complaining but wouldn't it be nice to see just some *snow*??!!

3:53 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

love seeing pics of your kidlets .. they always look like that are having so much fun !!! wish my 2 could enjoy the outdoors, but's just so hot this past week or so, that they have been cooped up and goin' stir crazy eeeks !

4:36 PM


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