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Saturday, January 7, 2006

getting fit and clean

I was actually able to walk this morning. It was freezing butt cold, but it still felt GREAT. I am pretty sure at this point my man is winning out little contest. He has a road bike. He bought a trainer to ride it in the house. I bought two exercise videos this week. My Man rode his bike 3 times and I only worked out once. So I am sure he is ahead. Back to the exercise videos. I look like the biggest uncoordinated dork doing those things. We have sliding glass doors in our den and the whole time I am punching, running, sliding, and all that jazz I can see my reflection in those doors. I began to have flash backs to college when I took Jazzercise and was always hanging out on the last row. Sometimes even making a back row of my own just so I would not be such a distraction missing all the steps and fumbling around the place. My roommate, CoCo and I bought this workout video that taught a dance routine. She doesn't look it, but I think she is half Canadian. She picked up the routine the first time. After 20 attempted trys, I still sucked. I can throw down some free style dance, but coordinated structured moves, my body wigs out. CoCo is the best dancer I know. She once entered a dance contest with a stranger, 70 year old man in fact, on a whim and they won the whole thing. Honestly I used to have this secret dream/fantasy that I could be a singer and a dancer. I never wanted to be famous I just wish I could be really really good at both.

OKay, off that tangent. My man is out of town for the day and my house is nasty. My "Karen" was a no show this week. Boo-Hoo. So that means look out, I am doing an overhaul today. I think I will borrow my Grandma's vacuum. It's a Kirby. The motor of that thing could be compared to a semi. I have to be careful, legos and pollys don't have a chance of escaping once it is on the ground.

Time to get my lazy b.o.b. up and get moving.


Blogger Kate said...

That is hillarious! I will not take any classes at the gym because I swear I have two left feet. I used to be able to dance good, but something happened between 25 and 30 and now it's like Pee Wee Herman style. Have fun cleaning. Doing the same here!

11:02 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

lol too funny .. I am so glad we have a home gym .. I don't think I could face one of those classes either .. I'd be the "make my own back row" kinda gal too hehe have fun cleaning .. I think I need to tackle Miss K1's bedroom .. it's forever a pig stye even though I am forever cleaning it grrr

4:46 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

me again lol I left you some messages in my blog and comments :)

6:32 PM

Anonymous Mark said...

Right there with you on the classes at the gym!
No worries - we still manage to get that "fitness model" look without having to show our lack of rhythm :)

6:29 AM


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