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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the day after

So I am sitting here drying my hair. It is cloudy today, but the temp is rather pleasant. I am typing with one hand. It's amusing. I loved my birthday yesterday. So many people sent birthday messages. Makes me feel so loved. My hot date was relaxing. My man makes me feel so beautiful, special, and loved. We when spend time alone together, I start thinking about how awesome it is going to be when he retires. I know it is a long way off. I just love the thought of him not having a job to report too daily and us having the time to spend together how we want.

I saw Pates yesterday. It does me a WHOLE lot of good to visit with him about twice a year. I left knowing I am handmade by the Creator who designed me with a purpose. He fashioned me with strengths and weakness. I am thankful for his work. I am rejoice in knowing that the areas I am prone to fail in, he knows. He knew of them before I was ever conceived. He placed those within me to draw me closer to Him. My own way is a path of disobedience and destruction. The pleasure of my own sin is fleeting and the joy I gain from it dries up empty. My life handed over to God, is satisfying. He calls me, rescues me, sustains me and loves me with a love that will never fail. I can't resist Him. He is just too good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason my filter is letting me leave comments today!?
I am glad that you had a good birthday. It is nice in the battle to be sanctified into the likeness of Christ to be able to bask in the fact that under our "flesh" is a heart that was made in the image of God. There are so many beautiful characteristics in you that reflect Him. He is just too good, isn't he?

3:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That previous comment is from me...RW

3:54 PM


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