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Sunday, January 22, 2006

it's been a few days

Well, it has been a few days since I blogged. Let me see. What has been going on..... My man and I attended a wedding last night. A girl he works with. She looked stunning. We had a great time. Why did we have a great time? It is because my man works with some really great people. I finally met his boss' wife, love her. She was so fun and energetic. A big group of us sat in a private dining room and munched on fancy buffet food and shared a whole bunch of laughs. I always enjoy being with the people from his office. He's pretty lucky to have a working environment that is so... happy friendly, fun, etc.

At church today, I sold tickets for an event called Married Life. My smiling face, ha ha, convinced 8 couples to buy tickets. That is pretty good. I really enjoy standing in the lobby and people watching before and after church. I get some really needed fashion tips. Everyone seems to where pointy high heels with jeans. This has been a trend for a while, but I still can't bring myself to do it. I think I'd kinda feel "fancy" if I did. (yes, E I used that word) I'm a girl that is a bit more rugged. Fun sneakers and a cheesy retro T-shirt is my preference.

Tomorrow I plan to walk with my dad. We walked together twice last week. I am hoping I will get my b.o.b. up and hit it 4 times this week. That is my goal.

Okay, I need to plan, ugh, my day out for tomorrow. Can't live in the now all the time. I have to remind myself, planning is productive. Planning is smart. Planning can make you feel good.


Blogger Magnanimity said...


I did get some boots, but can't do pointy heels. I can just see me trying to carry a rowdy four year old red head in pointy boots. They do look great on others. I just feel too prissy in them.

Now, boots and a faded denim knee length skirt...that's hit. But hubby laughs at me every time. I can't decide if he likes the outfit or not.


I can't get motivated either. But, winter was made for this. Trying!


11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the pointy shoes. I have debated the idea of the jeans and pointy shoes. I just can't quite put the look together. But for church or a date with my man, the pointy shoes are kinda sexy, don't you think? My friend is raising funds to be a missionary in Slovakia. I laugh every time she shows her slide show. All the women with young children in tow or a stroller that they are pushing, all of them are in jeans and pumps. I think fashion preceeds comfort for sure in Europe. Maybe we should have a girls night out and buy some pointy shoes and rugged jeans. I think we could pull it off! Love you...RW

8:21 PM


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