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Thursday, January 19, 2006

she is in

#3 has now graduated into the official big kid club at our house. She still has her pesky moments, but most of the time she is now accepted as a playmate. She and her sister have become best friends over the past two weeks. They play Barbies, babies, Polly and all that other girly stuff. #1 is feeling a bit left out. See he and #2 have been inseparable for years now. She normally lets him control what they play. Now that #3 can clearly communicate and ask #2 to play girl stuff, she commits her time to baby sister instead of her big brother. She still adores him. She can't sit on the couch without being cuddle up next to him. Both of the girls just love him. #3 came to me whimpering this morning because #1 stopped snuggling with her. His new way to convince them to play is to suggest playing "Princess". The girls of course say yes. Then he acts out the role of a secret spy who either kills bad guys trying to hurt them, or sometimes he just ends up killing a princess instead. Boys will be boys.


Blogger Kate said...

Your title reminds me of sorority rush!!! It's a beautiful moment when you see your children step into the next phase of life! :)

8:05 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

aww that is adorable .. mine have passed that "ok you can play" stage .. to "please get out of my room" stage oh boy !!!! lol

7:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh has just hit the phase where he will actually say no to his brother. He still thinks he hung the moon, but he is finally bold with his own opinion. I love it! Mr. Bossy needs to be put in his place sometimes, bless his heart!

8:24 PM


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