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Monday, February 27, 2006

update on my mom

Did not get good news today. My mom has been diagnosed with acute pulmonary fibrosis. I am doing internet research on it and what I am finding is upsetting. We will know more tomorrow after the doctor sits down and answers every question we can think of. It's scary to think that I could be losing my mom in a few years.

I am trusting in the Lord. His glory will be made known through it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Angela- Thinking about you & your family.XOXOX

7:39 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Oh that's so scary. I'm keeping you and your ma in my prayers and for peace to flow like a river in you. :)

8:24 AM

Blogger Whittaker Woman said...

Girl, use it! Sometimes it takes moments like these to make you stop and re-evaluate your relationships. Everything is out on the table now. There’s nothing you can do so give up on changing her and LIVE with her. Once my dad died I think one think that I hold on to is we are all dying. You, me, your mom, my mom. NO one knows how long they will be around so LIVE! Live each day as if it were the last. Yes your mom may be diagnosed with a terrible disease, that’s fine. Then encourage her, love her and make the best memories you have ever had. Do it Today! My mom was diagnosed with MS when she was 17. The doctors said she couldn’t have babies, she had three. She has had this disease for 33 years she could have given up a long time ago but she didn’t. Take each day as they come and LOVE her Despite your differences. Make memories and make sure you will have no regrets when she is gone whether that be in 2 or 30 years. I love you and am sorry for your hurt. H

10:02 AM


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