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Saturday, April 1, 2006

butter lover

After breakfast this morning, #3 came through the kitchen with a big smile on her face. She had dressed herself. Her outfit cracked me up. Tacky hand-me-down shorts, with both legs in the same hole. I went to go grab the camera and when I came back I found her with the butter tub licking her fingers. She didn't give it up without a fight. The second picture is her trying to regain control of the situation by taking the tub off the counter again.

Later #1 decided to be a secret spy. This is his one of a kind original spy shirt. Check out all the special gadgets. He even drew a rare green crystal. He said he stole it from a museum. I guess I need to address that one. Anyways. Hope you enjoy this post MeMe. #3 prays every night at dinner that you come soon. See you Friday.

The shorts were so tight around her leg, like a tight mini-skirt and then the extra leg hole was bunched up around her booty.

At this point she has added 3 more shirts and one more pair of pants.


Blogger Rachel said...

That butter lover is hilarious! She looks so much like you. Not that you go around holding a butter tub or wear both legs in one hole, but she really resembles you in the face. Memories I have of you as a child, I see in her. And what is up with the butter? My M will eat it like that too!
And man is # 1 creative! I love it. What a great shirt. I will show that pic to my #1.
Oh what awesome memories you captured on camera today!
Have a good to you soon.

1:54 PM

Blogger justabeachkat said...

Oh My! I miss you all so much! I loved the knew I would. I love knowing what everyone's doing. I love the pics. Can't wait to see you on Friday. #3's prayers are too cute...we'll see her on Friday so her prayer will come true! I love you. "MeMe aka KD"

6:03 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Goodness gracious I love their uniqeness and originality! So so cute! I used to sneak the margarine too as a kid - it's still stuck on my tummy. eeek.
BTW - how are both of your mom's doing? Any progression?

9:29 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

I just love reading about your gorgeous, creative children .. love the pictures !!!

8:43 PM


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