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Monday, April 24, 2006

shopping for a new vac

It is no big secret that I hate my vacuum cleaner. It's a Hoover bagless. I thought it was so so cool to have a bagless cleaner. I loved seeing all the junk I was picking up from my carpet and wood floors. It was gratifying to know and see I am making a difference in my home every time I use it. Well that feeling faded quickly. Once you suck up one too many Legos or a small pebble from outside you might as well throw the whole thing in the trash. The inside canister is made of plastic, and it's not even thick plastic. It has two chambers. One for the Hepa filter and one to hold all the crap. Hard items crack the inside allowing the trash side to flow all into the hepa filter side. I tried my hardest to "jimmy rig" it with duct tape. But that did not last long. It smells dusty every time you use it. Then I hate cleaning out the canister. I have to go outside and beat the hepa filter on the ground to get all the dust out. Dust flies everywhere. It is a messy experience. So all this to say that when it died last week, I was happy. I am shopping for a new one. I know for sure I don't want a bagless. I have read lots of reviews about the Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870DT Vacuum. I think this might be it. Never had a Eureka before. Anybody got a vacuum they could recommend?


Blogger five in six said...

Wish I could help...both of my vacuums suck, and not the way they're supposed to! Good luck!

7:50 PM

Blogger Cantini #3 said...

ok....the best vacuum cleaner EVER is the Rainbow cleaning system. Don't worry, we don't sell them! They cost a lot, but they are uses water and you can SEE the dirt and grime. It would be quite gratifying, trust me! I can point you to someone who does sell them. Good luck!
Michelle :)

8:49 PM

Blogger Perri said...

I was lamenting this exact thing this morning as I could actually see the dust coming out from under the vacuum while I was USING It - like when Pigpen walks in Peanuts.

So I took it outside and dumped it, hosed out every filter, blasted it with the air compressor wand through every conceivalbe hole, hose, nook, cranny and alley way and dang if the thing doesn't work like new.

But I feel your pain. Because this morning I was wondering what kind I was going to go buy.

11:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen the Rainbow, too. Incredible, but doesn't work on hardwoods. Here's my two cents. I was looking for a vacume and asked a friend who cleans houses and she said there is no reason to invest in an expensive one. Apparantly, they are all made badly now a days.) So I bought the Bissell Powerforce at Wal-Mart for next to nothing. I have had it a year and love it. And if it breaks down soon, which it shows no signs of doing, I will not have invested much to lose. RW

7:09 AM

Blogger A said...

Am very happy with this machine. The cool thing is it is self-propelled forward and backward. All you need is one finger to operate.

This is for carpets though.

8:06 AM

Blogger Kate said...

AHHHHH - the vaccum nightmares. I had a Hoover bagless one too. I loved the clear purple tube (boy I'm such a sucker!). 6 months after having it, the canister started to crack. I jimmy rigged that thing with packing tape too, and by golly, I could see the dust coming out too. And yes, it stunk! So last summer I went to Costco and had some money to purchase Hoover Wind Tunnel Upright (love love love bags now!). It kicks booty - BIG TIME. It gets it all up and has been very reliable. It has that self propelled thing going on too. It's a solid vaccum. My parents have had the same one for the past 8 years. No problems. Good luck with choosing one. Who would have ever thought vaccums could be such money pits and pains in the butt!

Let's meet up soon - our pool opens Monday but that may be too far from you. Anything going on downtown that you know of?

8:59 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

I just bought the cheap Wal-mart Bissell last week myself with the same theory...less to tear up, $ $25.00 HEPA filter. I don't know about the cracked plastic last vac tore up because I caught a penny...we'll see. For $50., I'll let you know in a year. So far, the suction is GREAT. No filter's needed at all...ever.

But, only one week. Doesn't make me much of an authority. I've heard many complain about the weight of Rainbow's and having to empty water every time. I don't have the patience or stomach for it...used my MIL's and it was a little gross for me.

Good Luck!

10:55 PM


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