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Thursday, April 20, 2006

stench of death and lost keys

This morning I opened our pantry door, I knew something had died in there. Cleaned everything out, could not find a thing. Got down on the floor, could smell death coming up from the cracks on the floor. (We have a real old house with large crawl space. Probably a raccoon or something is dead under the house.) Closet next to it had the same odor. Cleaned it out too, found nothing. So I foamed in the cracks but I had to leave the house before I could put everything back together. We spent to rest of the day in Atlanta. First at my church helping get ready for Married Life event. Then we met one of my best friends and her kids at Chick-fil-A. We let the kids play for over 2 hours. It was so nice sitting there in the air conditioning, watching our kids run around like crazy apes, appreciating the thick glass that gave us peace and quiet. Two women sharing life stories. It was my favorite thing that happened today.

LOTS of traffic on the way home, but I decide to stop off at Old Navy. You know I always have a return of two. Spend some time looking around and headed to the check out to make the return. Get out to the car, I can't find my keys. I have a numeral key pad on the door, so I could get in but with no keys, we were stuck. I searched that car over and over ... no keys. We searched Old Navy over and over ... no keys. Head back out to the smoldering car, the kids decided they need to help. We were all climbing all over each other, still no keys. I am praying, God PLEASE protect us. I know we are perfect targets for bad guys right now. In and out of the car, looking under, in the trunk, which when I opened and food co-op food falls and spills all on the asphalt. Suddenly I look up and I recognize a women walking through the parking lot, leaving Old Navy. She was in line in front of we when I checked out an hour ago. She looked at me and said, "I am so sorry but I took your keys by accident. I got all the way home and realized it." Thank you Jesus. I am not as crazy as I thought.

After a few more stops we made it home, right before bedtime. Walking through the door I am welcomed with folded laundry still sitting on the couch from yesterday, dishes from breakfast and dinner last night are still on the counters, All my cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, misc, crap from the utility closet and pantry are blocking the hallway to the bedrooms. Oh, and then I spot my piece of crap vacuum and remember, it's broken. It wouldn't even suck up a dry piece of catfood today. And just now sitting here a beetle flew into my hair right at my ear! NICE! I am going to veg out on the TV, tomorrow is another day. Praise God for all my blessings. I here the rain. I love it. Wash away the crap of the day. Lord give me motivation to attack all this junk tomorrow. I want to have a smile on my face, and glorify you in all that I do, even the stinky, nitty, gritty things. Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey friend,

I can't tell you what our time meant to me. I NEEDED IT! Almost 2 hours of girl talk with minimal interuption. But I also paid the price. I had to run by the grocery store at 5 PM when I finally ended the scenic route home. Then dinner wasn't served until 6:30...exactly 1 hour before bed time, which we didn't make even though the kids were exhausted. (But, on the flip side, for the 1 hour it took to make dinner, I got to watch my man practice baseball with the boys...precious memories!) And I have now woken up to unfolded laundry from 2 days ago to put up and dishes from last night. All to say...IT WAS WORTH IT FOR SURE!!! I love you! RW

8:37 AM

Anonymous Amanda said...

you are an amazing person, it is so funny that you can blog about a day like that I think the key thing would have put my in the grave. have a really good day today and remember what a great feeling a clean house is, i love that feeling.

1:24 PM

Blogger five in six said...

I am so glad I am not the only one whose life is sometimes like a comedy of errors! I too have a bunch of laundry asking to be put away (and again a bazillion socks waiting to be matched), dishes from last night and this morning, TWO crappy vacuum cleaners, and the stench of death downstairs...does cat poo smell like death? You make me laugh!

3:06 PM

Blogger Perri said...

What an awesome kitchen!

9:58 PM


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