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Thursday, April 6, 2006

stay calm

Okay, so this morning we start out pretty early to go get doughnuts and then head to the grocery store thinking we'll only be gone an hour and a 1/2. I needed to run to Publix, not my normal Kroger. (I hate that one store does not carry all the items I need!) So, made it to Dunkin Donuts. It must be under new management. See after they finally convinced me to buy a whole dozen instead of a half, the guy gave me at least 10 free munkins, for the kids. Of course I would not have bought a dozen if I had known we'd get the free ones, but I was VERY thankful. Afterwards the kids and I came up with a plan to get rid of the rest. (I did not want them coming home. I will eat them!) So we then go to my mom's office which is right around the corner to pass them out. We stayed there forever. I did however enjoy it. I got to see a new friend of mine that works with her. She's a real hoot.

So the day is going well, I am feeling behind but, I still am easy going. Next we head to Publix. I get the kids out and head toward the store and it is CLOSED. Sign has been taken down and everything. What the heck? Loading up again we begin to head across town. Spot Old Navy on the way, of course I have a return or two. (#1 used to say ... Do we have to go into Old Lady today?) The kids start off running through the store. I quickly put the mean stern face on and begin to list the consequences they would suffer if they did not stay with me. Then the usual began. I don't know why I have a hard time "controlling" my kids in a store. They are just so darn curious. They camp out and hide up inside the clothing racks, they lay down on shelves. Two mannequins were standing as displays on the floor. The girls were being real cute and dancing with one, then her overalls fell off (not my girls) and they almost knocked her over trying to redress her. Then next mannequin got his arm chopped off by #3. It was dangling down to his ankle. Took me a while to figure out how to fix that one. Then it is also the touching all the clothes. Especially #3. You turn you head and she has a hand full of items she is carrying from the all over the store. I am happy to say though, I stayed so so calm. I can see through it all they are just enjoying the world that surrounds them. They will make the most boring place into like a "carnival" of sorts to entertain themselves. I like that.

Next we went through the drive thru at Blimpie. Our most favorite place to eat out. We went to a little park. #2 our slowest eater only got 5 minutes of play ground play. She whined and complained through out the entire meal. Her eating habits almost drive me crazy. She cried b/c everyone got to play, she cried b/c #1 would not wait for her to finish eating, she cried b/c I would not sit with her, instead I pushed #3 on the swing. I sure we looked like a real stable family. Mean mom forces her child to eat while siblings get to play. The child is distraught and where is the mom .. she is swinging the sister. How pitiful. Anyways, we finally made it to the grocery store. #2 and I snuggled while she sat in the front of the buggy. We are home now. Both girls as asleep but it took two tantrums to get there. We did not do school yesterday, doubt it will get done today. I have a million things to do to get ready to leave town Saturday for a week. Why am I blogging instead. Because I WANT to. I feel better. So I am off to unload groceries now.

Thanks God for granting me patience today. I asked you this morning to guide me I praise you for answering my prayer. Please continue to give me wisdom to be the mom you desire me to be, and give me the heart to ask their forgiveness when I fail.


Blogger Kate said...

I know - doesn't it feel good to just write about your day every now and then - and put off packing for a trip!! I'm notorious for that. As busy as your day was, glad you had a good one. Have a wonderful trip!

3:50 PM


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