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Friday, April 21, 2006

stench of death ... part 2

Both girls cried out last night. As I headed down the hall to check on them I got slapped in the face with the stench of death. No amount of foam was going to stop it from growing. So the first thing this morning I get out the phone book to search for someone who can save us. First guy I get, he is a trapper. He quotes me $250 ... uh no. Second guy is a regular exterminator. He says he'll come and get it for $150. Nah. So the third guy I get is with Dynamic Exterminators. He says $150. Then he decides he is going to give me the ... looked them up the yellow pages and called them even though they did not have an ad like all the others ... discount. $135 was his lowest offer. I will pay that. He was true to his word and he arrived in less than an hour. He armed himself with just coveralls, a baseball cap, a flash light and one black garbage bag. I was thinking ... Don't you have a mask or something? I know how bad it is up here. I'd hate to smell it from down there. (Well of course I don't that's why we hired someone else to smell it for us, I just thought a pro would have some sort of mask). He heads for the crawl space door and I can see the dread on his face as he peeks in. It takes him awhile to maneuver around all the pipes under the house. Finally from the kitchen we can hear him bellow us. We can hear him trying to grab the thing. We can even hear his disgusted sighs. Once he is out he identifies the body as a possum. #1 jumps around and says ... "I knew it! I said it was a possum." My bet was a raccoon. I am shocked #1 did not ask to see it. Probably because the smell was still oozing from the black plastic bag. The man also added that the possum was covered in camel crickets. Any one who goes underneath our house always likes to mention that it's a camel cricket breeding ground under there. It's kinda icky when you stop to think what is under your feet every day as you walk, sit and lay around your house. I can handle a lot of bugs, but camel crickets are psycho. They jump so stinkin high and in a direction you have no idea where they are going to land. Yikes. So anyway, I was happy to pay the "Dynamic Exterminator", give him a glass of water and see him off. I opened the doors and some windows and finally around lunch our house smelt like home again.


Blogger JenMom said...

YUCK!!!! So glad you got it taken care of...happy smells to you!

10:09 PM

Anonymous Rachel said...

Whew! So glad that is over!

I hate those camel crickets too! Growing up we had them our garage sometimes. They are huge and so unpredictable! I used to hate to go out there!

8:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you can enjoy the weekend without the stinky smell. I hope you have time to play and relax. Love, RW

8:58 AM

Blogger five in six said...

Ewww! Our cat loves to catch camel crickets in our basement. He eats part of them and leaves the legs for me to find...gross!

9:50 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

oh ewwww thank goodness you got that thing outta there .. and I thought the smell of a dead mouse was bad enough .. I couldn't even begin to think what kind of odour a dead possum would emit yuk !!!!

10:48 PM

Blogger Kate said...

uuuugggggghhhhhhh! nasty smell indeed.
i've never heard of camel crickets. now i'm gonna be looking out for them! at least we have two cats that will eat them up (or leave them dead on the floor as they typically do!)

9:01 AM


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