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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I don't know what to title this?

As we were getting ready for gymnastics today, #3 looked all through her drawers and came running to ask me ... "Mommy, where my nastics-tard?" Oh, the things she says. Yesterday, I took her to the doctor to get her speech checked. What finally pushed me in that direction was when one of her playmates asked me why she still talked like a baby. He wasn't being mean at all, he loves her, but it made me realize it is time to get some help. I kept hoping she'd grow out of it, and she might, but the pediatrician agreed she needs to be further evaluated.

At gymnastics today, #3 kept wandering off to do her own thing. She is so head strong and daring with no fear of jumping off of anything. Her determination gets her in trouble many times throughout the day. It is hard for me to stay upset with her because I know she's not trying to be "bad", she is just set on doing things her way. (Plus she is so darn cute she just melts me) But strong willed or not, I need her to obey. Right now I am having to step up the consequences for both of the girls. Their listening skills stink right now and it really frustrates me. Hopefully they'll begin to listen now that they know losing some of their favorite toys for a day is on the line. I am so mean, Ha! : )

I am sitting here, trying to have 20 minutes of alone time. It is not happening like I had hoped. The kids keep coming in my room asking me a zillion questions. I asked them to let me have some "alone time" so then they go out in the hall and ask me questions from there. Also, I am starving. I really want Chick-fil-A hot Waffle Fries dipped in Polynesian Sauce. I so wanted to drive there after gymnastics, the $5 in my pocket was trying to get me to steer in that direction. Instead I am here at the computer eating a salad with lettuce, strawberries, blackberries, and avocado and it's VERY good, but I still missing the fries. Don't know what I will cook for dinner. I wish we could budget for a personal chef. Oh, isn't that so dreamy ... and they could do the dishes too. Just think of all the stuff I could accomplish if I didn't have to cook and do dishes. I would take a chef over a maid, any day. I hear some fake crying, I guess I should go settle it, oh, now I hear laughing, no, now it's whining, demanding, now it's a fit. Bye.


Blogger Just T said...

just know you aren't alone, Lovey .. I can understand your frustration, as I am dealing with that myself at the moment!!!

good luck with #3's speech .. not to worry you at all, but I know one of my cousins had a similar problem where she talked like a "baby" and it stemmed from hearing .. so she had grommets put in.

haha if you ever find one of those personal chefs .. send them my way .. I think half my day is spent in the kitchen cooking and cleaning .. agh!!!

6:18 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I can relate to so many of these frustrations. Sorry I didn't get to call you back. We started the one hour plus battle with Toot at dinner tonight soon after you called. Then we were busy making big brother shirts until bedtime. Now I don't have the energy to be good conversation! I'll call you tomorrow! Miss you!
Oh, I hope #3's speech eval. goes well. I would only recommend not putting it off because if you use public school system there can be paper work and it can take a while to get in the loop sometimes. If she does qualify and you do use public school system, I would recommend going and meeting the therapist in your school district before using her. We have loved our therapist in both counties!

9:25 PM

Blogger keri said...

have you seen "take home chef" on TLC? you need to meet that aussie guy in the grocery store. dreamy.
and even if #3 can't talk great...she sure can sing, dang it.

10:55 PM

Anonymous Bree said...

Hey sister! My email has been down for a while so I thought I would write you on here. I love reading your blogs! I miss you, Eric, and the kids so much! Monday night at work, one of my 6 babies was a very irritable 5 month old who was only happy when watching a video. We have a tv and vcr pulled up beside her crib. As I was selecting a movie for her to watch, I stumbled upon Veggie Tales: The End of Silliness! I was ecstatic! Over Christmas one year, mom, dad, Landon, Kaley Grace, Sydney and I watched that video 10 or so times. So I smiled and sang along the whole video as I worked on my other babies. It was such a happy memory! Well, I hope all is well. I miss you and love you!

7:36 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

I just want Ina Garten, of Barefoot Contessa fame, to come live/cook in my house. Is that so much to ask? Who really NEEDS a big huge house in the Hamptons anyway?

11:18 AM


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