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Thursday, September 14, 2006

released back into the wild & #2's hair

Last night I was able to convince my kids that the tadpoles needed to return to their original home. They have been hanging out in our kitchen and every time I got up close to them, my stomach would kinda tense up. See, at first they started eating each other. They would suck the insides out and leave just a hollow shell. It was REALLY gross. After about the second day, they stopped and their numbers never decreased, well except for the two I accidentally killed while changing their water. Even though they stopped the cannibalism, I just couldn't get over it. Plus, all that poop floating around, it just seemed so unhealthy. Luckily, we live like rednecks. On our back deck there is an old hot tub. It doesn't work anymore so we just have a cover over it. You are suppose to inflate the cover so that it doesn't sag. Well we haven't inflated it, instead we just have old boards up underneath it to keep it from completely caving in. The cover still doesn't lay flat and it creates little "pools/ponds" on top. That is home of all the tadpoles. The water is icky and green, but we can take a strainer and check up on the babies any time we want. I think that is a more satisfying plan for me.

This is a completely different subject, but I wanted to document it. #2 loves to wear her hair down. She says it is long and beautiful. Well sometimes it just doesn't look all that great hanging in her face and she has this cowlick type part on the top back on her head. Today I asked her to meet me in the bathroom so I could fix her hair. She gave me the usual, "No, I really want to have it down". So I granted her wish, wet the cowlick and smoothed it out. As I was brushing she told me this, "Mommy, when I get bigger and I am a mommy, if I have a little girl, I am never going to fix her hair. I will always like her hair down."


Blogger Kate said...

OK, she is so cute! She is just happy and content to have it down. So there mama! (My other daughter is just like that.)

9:57 AM

Blogger Just T said...

I don't blame you on finding a new home for the tadpoles. The cannibalism thing would have totally grossed me out!
as for #2, my daughter is getting that way too .. I love doing her hair pretty in the mornings for school (plaits, pony tails, half up/half down deal) .. but she INSISTS on wearing this doorag thing on her head that is too big, so it falls down over her face and her hair is all messed up lol

3:09 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

Ok, I think I changed my mind about doing tadpoles w/the kids.

12:11 PM


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