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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

#2 questions God

You have to love the conversations that happen in the car with your kids.

This one came completely out of the blue.

#2 - Mommy. Why did God create people?

Me - Because he wanted to have a relationship with us and because he loves us.

#2 - How come he wants to love people?

Ahh, I love it! She really hasn't been interested in learning much about our faith. Maybe now she will be ready to remember that Jesus is God's son, not his brother, as she has figured before.


Blogger Just T said...

your children are so adorable .. and I too love the things my children come up with .. like K2 asking me yesterday if he could be a bulldozer when he grows up .. I asked "drive a bulldozer?" .. he replied "no, a bulldozer so I can dig up stuff!" .. or wanting to be a bird so he can clean out the gutters .. gotta love his logic :)

12:18 AM

Blogger Cantini #3 said...

My 5 year old asked the same exact question the other day. "Why did God make us?" I love that the Holy Spirit is prompting these questions....... making sure that we give the right answers is tricky sometimes. We just ask God to help us know what to say so that their little minds will understand!

6:56 PM

Blogger Kate said...

now THAT is very cool (and exciting!)

10:48 PM


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