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Saturday, September 2, 2006

trip down hairy memory lane

My man loves to tease me about my "big Hair" days. I'll say something like, "one time in high school this girl said to me...." and he will always reply "You mean back when you had big hair?" Ha Ha he always thinks he is funny, but it's the sad truth. (But he was the one with the mullet!) Anyways. I was at my parents house tonight looking at the family historical wall of pictures. I realized my hair had its own sad story to tell.

Here I start out cute and normal and sandy blonde. Note: no curls

Still straight hair. By this point I was seeing the last of the blonde highlights. They never returned. I am sporting super cute home made barrettes. Too bad you can't really see them. By the way, I felt like a princess in that dress.

Okay so now I am the one with the mullet. Wow, I look really bad. Lace panty hose and all. I used the ever popular curling brush to create that masterpiece.
Right after that picture was taken, I hit puberty. I cut my hair all off and this is what happened. It made it's own fro. I blame it on the hormones. (This picture was taken actually 3 years after I chopped it off. I still had no clue how to handle the beast) ( I really need a tan)

Nice big hair for high school. I was still trying to get the bangs thing worked out. Finally by the time I graduated I gave up and started growing them out. I went through a phase where I hated my curly hair. I would blow dry it till it was frizzy then I 'd lean over an ironing board and iron it straight. That is how desperate I was to get rid of it. It looked horrible.
Check out my swatch. I thought I was so cool.

This is me in the now. Still crazy hair. The wind helped for this picture. I have accepted it curly. I don't straighten it that often any more. With each kid and the added hormones during the pregnancies, the curl would get tighter or more relaxed. Funny how that happens. Maybe when I hit menopause it will go straight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your hair. I used to have big hair and the glasses to match! They took up 3/4 of my face.


7:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came back to clarify -- I love it NOW.


7:19 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

Your daughters look so much like your kid pictures!

I love the swatch! I remember I just had to have one of those, along with Guess? jeans.

My hair has done the same thing, it has gotten curlier with each pregnancy.

8:39 AM

Blogger Stefanie said...

I was lucky enough to watch the curl take over. But you are one rocking babe!!!

Hugs and Kisses.
Aunt Stef

3:52 PM

Anonymous Glass Half Full said...

My favorite is the red velvet dress. Maybe I will be daring enough to post my "hair days"?????

:) Blessings!

4:40 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

I like the sexy hair pic with your man and the swatch watch!

7:40 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Man! That was a blast to the past for me! I was like, I wore those long sweaters! I remember lacey hose and swatches and ugghh!

You were a cute girl! That was one cool post.

8:15 PM

Blogger Kate said...

OK, now we have to see your man with the mullet! hahaha!
Love these pictures. You look just adorable in all of them. I pretty much looked the same back then too. I miss swatch watches. They were sooo much fun!
(I used to think your son looked more like your man, but now I am thinking twin to you!)

9:09 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

These pictures are unbelievable. You look like two different people with the blonde to brunette. Did you ever wear 3 or 4 swatches at one time? I LOVE your hair now. I've always wanted curly hair. Grass is always greener... Love you!

10:23 PM

Blogger Just T said...

great pictures! I too went from snow blonde to dark hair, only mine is dead straight. And I too am guilty of big hair - back in the days when perms or even SPIRAL perms were the big craze & a gazzilion cans of hairspray haha now my hair is back to being straight and long! Thanks for sharing - I love the last one because you look so happy!

1:15 AM

Blogger keri said...

you are so brave my post all those bad hair days and bad clothes days i think its obvious who dressed you back then!! ha ha. wow.
maybe we should post some pics of both our hubbies mullets...? maybe next time we are mad at them :)

love your hair now...i tried to wear mine curly yesterday for church and it ended up being a frizzy mess. wish mine would work like yours does.

10:15 AM

Blogger JenMom said...

What a fun post! I, too, was taking a walk down 80's fashions-memory lane with you. Ask E. about my hair in was so big it had its own name, Fifi!

8:15 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I must say that the lace looks good on you. I never looked like I deserved lace. I usually had a few weeds stuck in my hair as a pre-adolescent. I never knew hormones could curl hair AND turn it another color.
Love your hair now. I wish I had some of the curl!

11:02 PM


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