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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wanna quit, but I won't

Today, is the first day I can honestly say I want to quit homeschooling. I won't, but it's the first day I have ever felt like throwing in the towel. This feeling does NOT stem from my kids behavior, or being with them almost 100% of the time, or anything like that. I am just mentally overwhelmed. I am starting a homeschool group and which I need to complete some tasks for, the adoption process and paper work has me stressed, and then lesson planning for one and now I realize I need to get #2 more involved, plus all the other junk ... I am whining, so whining, really whining like I need to be in time out whining. Honestly I would take a time out right now if I could. I know I am not alone. Millions of moms all over the world have the same junk on their plate as me, many have more. I don't care, I just feel like whining.

Okay, now it's out of my system. Note to self: shut up and suck it up. Breathe deep, Go to bed early tonight, remember God enables me to do all the things I need to do to bring glory to Him.


Blogger Just T said...

you go ahead and whine all you like .. that's what we are here for .. I whine all the time haha

I think as Mum's we tend to forget we can't all be SuperMum's and do a million things at once .. and I think others forget that as Mum's we NEED time out every now and then to rejuvenate

you do an amazing job, Lovey!!!

6:05 PM

Blogger justabeachkat said...

Whine all you want. It's allowed. You amaze me how much you do and how much you accomplish with very little "time alone". Here's what I do. When I feel overwhelmed, I allow myself some "whine time" and then I do what the Nike commercial says: "JUST DO IT". I do one thing on my "to do list" and then move on to the next. Pretty soon I can look back and feel good about what I've accomplished. Hope you get some good rest tonight and wake up tomorrow invigorated. I love you!

6:53 PM

Blogger Stefanie said...


8:32 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

If this is the first time that you have thought of throwing in the homeschool towel, that is just amazing. I have at least quick temptations weekly almost. Or at least a couple of times a month. You do have a lot on your plate. I will pray for you tonight, my sweet friend. (But only after I pray that we get a call to come on in to the hospital! :) ) Love you!

9:20 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Oh man, I so know how you feel. Congrats that this is the first real day of feeling that! I mean, I think by now I am on my 75th day of thinking that! Hang in there. You will have your ups and downs; just go back to what your heart wants to do. :)

8:55 AM

Blogger Katie said...

i'll pray for you right now!
it's a good thing God loves whiney moms!!

2:12 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I have been in your spot this year already as well. Overwhelmed is just the beginning of the word.
Sometimes a little solitude is needed. An evening of solitude with a good book while the hubby puts the kids to bed....whatever.
Jesus was always busy, but never hurried. He made time for talking to his Father and made time for people. I'm saying a quick prayer for ya right now.

2:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posts are just so real. And you throw all of yourself into it. It helps us all to know that we are never alone with our frustrations. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

3:03 PM

Blogger Kim's Life said...

I dont do home schooling. really I wouldnt know where to start with it. I take my hat off to you for even doing it. There is nothing like a good whining to help you through it.;)

6:23 PM


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