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Sunday, October 1, 2006

almost a whole day on my own

It's been an unusual day. All of us went to church, which is normal for Sundays. I sold Married Life Tickets at the first service, this happens quarterly. But then my family left to go home and I stayed behind to volunteer for ticket sales for the next two services, normally I only work one. Since I heard the sermon once before, I walked across to a BBQ place and had lunch by myself. As I sat alone in the restaurant booth, I felt anxious. I had NOTHING to do, no book, no one to talk too, I couldn't think of anything to sit and ponder about. I never run out of things to think about. It was weird. After about 10 minutes I spotted a stack of newspapers, yeah, something to read. I finished my lunch and headed back to church. I was having ZERO interest in the Married life event and I was noticing the flood of singles pouring into the doors. I kept looking for wedding bands and it was like one out of 10 to 15 people possessed one. Groups huddled together chatting, flirting, etc. I realized it was like I was surrounded by some foreign culture that I could not relate to. I got married right out of college, I barely remember the whole dating scene thing. Lots of people stopped by my table hoping I was giving out tickets to a "singles mingle" type thing, when they heard it was for married's I got the same responses, been there, just got over one, oh - that's not me. It got to be pretty humorous. All in all, I really enjoyed working the ticket booth. Standing there for several hours I got caught up on the latest fashions. I am in desperate need of fall clothing. All those single midtown women had it going on, so I took note of what I liked.

After church my man encouraged me to extend my "alone" time and do something for myself. I had credit at an upscale type of TJ MAXX so I headed there. It takes FOREVER to sort through all the clothes to find something you really like. I made promises to myself to not buy summer clothing and try to find an outfit, (not to buy misc. pieces). I broke them all. I suck at shopping. Summer stuff was on clearance so I just could not help myself and I just can't seem to bite the bullet and fork out the money to spend on an entire outfit. Oh well.

Something kinda crazy did happen while I was shopping. See, when you shop in downtown Atlanta, it is not that uncommon to spot a crossdresser. I met one in the juniors department. I totally had to fight the urge to stare. He was so close to me. I should have acted like I was talking on my cell phone and taken a picture since I just couldn't resist the urge to look. Some how I managed to control myself. I'm not necessarily making fun of him, it's just so odd, you want to keep looking. It makes you feel all out of place shopping for girls clothing near a man who is shopping there for himself as well. You keep thinking, "dude don't you know you still look like a man?"

As I got in the car to head home I realized it was nice to be by myself, but I sure missed home.


Blogger keri said...

i've been on a shopping binge lately...i think it gives me a high or something. interesting day for you it sounds like. glad you got some time alone...we always need days like that.

10:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this, but shopping is my medicine when I am consumed with runny noses and homework. Thank God I am not addicted to online shopping. We would be in debt to our eyeballs!!!

10:22 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

Sounds a lot like my weekend. I need to get some new things for fall too, but when I went shopping this weekend I only ended up buying for the kids. :-)

12:44 PM

Blogger Just T said...

Isn't it funny how much we crave alone time but when we get it, we kinda miss all the hustle and bustle of our busy Mum/Wife lives ??? Well, I know I do lol
I'm glad you had a nice alone time day !

1:21 AM


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