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Friday, September 22, 2006

getting rid of distractions

I have got a lot to do today. That means I need to get rid of some distractions. First of is the computer. I am turning it off.

Oh, I have to add one more thing before I go, one of my best friends and fellow blogger had a baby girl last night. I got to be there and she is JUST precious! Looks just like her brothers. I will let her fill in the rest of the details in later. In the mean time you can check out the nursery on her blog. It's soo sweet.

I am really doing it. I am shutting down. bye.


Blogger Kate said...

Oh Hooray! She had Lydia! How special you got to be there. There's nothing like having your dear friends there for such a momentous day! :)

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


There are days I decide to shut the laptop off throughout the day. I'll keep the main computer on, but not having the laptop on in the kitchen helps me get stuff done.

Have a happy weekend!!!

12:42 PM

Blogger Just T said...

I popped over to your friends blog the other day and commented on the gorgeous job she and her husband did on their new babygirl's nursery .. absolutely beautiful !!!

Congratulations to your friend and her family on their new arrival :)

6:58 PM

Blogger Kim's Life said...

The nursery looks great. Congratulations to them.

7:27 AM


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