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Friday, September 22, 2006

don't hassel the hoff

This cracked me up. I was such a HUGE Knight Rider fan growing up.


Blogger Kim's Life said...

Ha,Ha this was so funny. I loved Knight Rider to when I was young. LOLOL I thought David was so cool.LOLOL

7:23 AM

Blogger keri said...

oh my. what a hunka hunka burning cheese ball love!

8:21 AM

Blogger Just T said...

lol I think the Hoff is having a mid life crisis .. I read he is trying to find a nice 20 yr old girlfriend, but his kids told him that he's too old haha

they are showing the clip over here at the moment on our music shows .. it's so cheesy but you can't stop watching lol

7:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My hand is over my mouth in awe and laughter.

I would send out a "no thank, sir" too if I saw a guy dance like that. HA!!!

Thanks for a weekend laugh.

11:19 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Please tell me that's not really him!
I could hear Kit saying "Michael, my senses are telling me you are loosing it."

8:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it.

11:21 AM

Blogger Aly said...

hey, friend. thanks for the chat yesterday. hope the evening went well. i know i don't comment much on here, but know that i read often. hope we can all play soon.

12:38 PM

Blogger Jules said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I pushed play.....

6:45 PM


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