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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

it's late

I am tired and it is late. We just finished watching the Contender finale. Can't believe I am into that show. I use to HATE boxing. I am sure my man will blog about it and he will sound much more educated in his re-cap of the night than I ever could.

Anyways. God is beginning to shed some light on some areas in my life that need re-fining. I am excited about it. I will write more later but it is how, to whom, and to what I run to when I need to "escape". I crave food, TV, computer and other things over Him. This all might not make sense. My eyes are blurry I am so tired. The point is, I sense Him calling me out on some things and I hope I can be disciplined enough to obey.

I am headed to bed. Nighty night.


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