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Saturday, October 22, 2005

YARD sale, you know you want my stuff

Middle of the week, two friends asked if I wanted to join them in a yard sale this weekend. I swore never to do another one, but you know, I did it again. It was actually really relaxing. Well the selling part. Hanging out all day with two of my good friends and watching all the kids run around did me a lot of good. It felt amazing this weekend, especially Friday. Only thing is I am dog tired. My house is a disaster, and now I listing crap that didn't sell on ebay. I know, why am I complaining? It's my choice. It is a choice of love and hate. I love making the money and it amuses me to see what people will pay for our "junk" but I don't like all the time it takes. So I am off to bed, $100 richer than before, well $192 including all my winnings from ebay. Not too bad. I definitely made enough money to cover my man's speeding ticket, which he got a few nights ago with all 3 kids in the car. Nice.


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