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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

messy not magic

Every little thing she does is messy
Everything she do just makes me clean
Even though my life before was placid
Now I know my love for her washes on

This is just the mess on her face today, not to mention her hands, her arms, her bed (hidden in her pocket, she found and picked apart a Camellia tree flower bud into a million pieces before falling asleep during her nap) the floor, my bible (she found and put stickers in it) her clothes, each shirt she wears has a permanent souvenir from the day. She wears me out...I love her to pieces.

God please give me direction in training this independent, spunky, fun loving, energetic, strong willed child.

This is her little friend who came over to play. She is wearing #1's hat. She is pretending to be a kitty cat. The black marker is supposed to be a cat nose a whiskers. She drew them all by herself.

This is just her face after dinner. Her hands looked much worse. We had icecream sandwiches for dessert. Notice her hair always ends up in her face. I fix it several times a day, and within minutes it is a sloppy mess.

I know, gross hotdogs. But they are quick and cheap. Oh and she dips everything in ketchup, including her apples.

These next two just make me laugh.


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey,she and Grant need to get together with some food or maybe some paint. They would really have a good time! He sometimes takes several baths a day. His favorite thing to do is rub his food in his hair! Have a fun messy day!

9:33 AM

Blogger Kate said...

That is hillarious! One of mine is just like this (and she's turning 7 this Sunday!). I don't know if they outgrow it... but I am used to it now! :)

9:45 AM

Blogger five in six said...

I totally thought you were talking about my twins!! That's how they are every single day!

11:11 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

lol she is too cute .. like Rachel, my 2 are 5 (6 in March) and 4 and they still look like this .. it's a ritual to get sponged down after every meal haha

4:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joshua is our little mess. He has improved significantly since age 3. These moms that talk about giving several baths a day...I commend you. We relied on wet wipes, or just ignored the crusty yogurt that was always in his hair. One bath a day is a big enough challenge for me! Your little mess sure is adorable! Miss you!!

8:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That comment was from me, RW

8:07 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Wow. You are a good mom to appreciate. Totally exhausting.

9:45 AM


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