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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

home again

We are home again. The trip could not have gone better. The kids were EXTRA good in the car. #3 slept half the way there and she did the same on the trip home again. This was a shocker. Normally she sleeps only half of one of the 6 plus hours it takes to get there. It was such a quiet trip. Almost too quiet at times.

We actually played on the beach Sunday. It was like paradise. The weather was just warm enough to really enjoy it. It felt heavenly. I paid for it the next day. I am SUCH an IDIOT. I was too lost in La-La land and forgot that you can get sunburned in March. I only applied sun-scream (that is what #2 calls it) on my face and shoulders. Of course I fried. My arms, back and the back side of my legs feel RAW. You can see distinctly were the suntan lotion was. Thank goodness it is not tank top season. My arms and shoulders look ridiculous. I am grateful I was at least thinking clearly enough to protect the kids. My my judgment wasn't at 100% and they come home with random red spots all over their body. #2's gymnastics teacher asked her "what happened too you?" She explained, "I am sunburned."

This trip really reminded me again of just how blessed I really am. I know we are all extremely blessed just in so many different ways. But it is nice to reflect and realize how loud God's love is for me.


Blogger Kate said...

Ahhh that Florida sun is so sneaky this time of year! I totally feel your pain! Been there done that. I hope it turns to tan soon!!
So happy to hear the trip went well and you had a wonderful time! (NO FAIR on the beach time! What I would give to be there now!! AHHHHH!!)

8:49 PM

Blogger Perri said...

everyone looks like they had a good time. The beach is so pretty.

11:25 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

What a nice family you have!

5:03 PM

Blogger Maigh said...

Man your not-little guy looks more and more like Beck with each picture I see...they're growing up so fast!

9:23 AM


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