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Friday, July 14, 2006

need a hero?

I got a few around here, so take your pick!


Anonymous Rachel said...

How cute! That's one of those pics you hold on to and pull out when they are much older and just laugh! I love it!

1:01 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

Love it!

3:29 PM

Blogger keri said...

super cool heros!!

3:37 PM

Blogger Cantini #3 said...

We have Power Rangers at our house.......

8:58 PM

Blogger Tori said...

That's way too cute! *Ü*

1:16 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

I didn't think I'd like white, but it's so great. The bright colors look great on you. My favorite yet. Love all the pics. I've struggled with headaches this week, too. Adding Sudafed helped one day.

10:43 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

My little kiddo was looking over my shoulder and he said "Cool! Power Ranger". That just says it all!

12:58 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I'll take the green one-piece with the red light saber!!!

6:08 PM

Blogger Glass Half Full said...

I absolutely love this picture! Move over Incredibles!!! :)

9:52 PM

Blogger Kate said...

You are fully stocked! Love the post!

1:47 PM


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