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Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday chit chat

I handled the kids solo at church today plus sold Married Life Tickets. We had friends spend the night last, and I still managed to leave the house on time and treat the kids to doughnuts and make it to church ON TIME. Don't pass out honey, I am pretty shocked myself.

Afterwards my folks treated us to some good eatin at Longhorns, a move - The Any Bully, and then to DQ icecream! What a treat! The movie was super cute. The girls found parts of it scary as this miniature kid gets into ant size trouble. Oh, but I just remembered, lets back up. After church we are getting into the car and #1 proudly says "I didn't say one single bad word today at church" (we let our kids cuss around the house, just kidding, he is talking about potty language) Then he continues, "during our group time, we were asked to name a sin, well I said a good one. (pause as he stares intently at me) I said that calling someone STUPID is a really bad sin. Wasn't that a good one?" I nodded my head and giggled inside. Well today the movie used that word at least a dozen times. I wonder what he was thinking every time he heard it. I forgot to ask him. I will tomorrow.

While we ate icecream, #2 was sitting across from me. I couldn't help but to stare at my beautiful child. She was just so precious sitting there with her big wide eyes, enjoying her white cream of goodness. I wished I had a video camera at that moment. A mental video camera that could record every detail of her charming face and every emotion that I felt at that moment. I wish I had something like that so that when she is 20, 40, 60, I can cherish times like that again and again. I swear, like I am sure all parents feel, that there is just no way that a mommy could love their child as much as I love mine. It truly is a miracle the love God allows us to feel for our kids. (Thanks!)

Once we got home, I was so motivated to get the house in order so we could have a productive school day tomorrow, and no- I didn't crack but one reading book on Saturday. I told the kids they had to go play with the free baby sitter-the great outdoors. I locked the gates to our property and got busy on house work. Man it feels awesome ending the day with the house straight.

Well tonight we were still so full from lunch, we just ate poptarts and fruit for dinner. Then we got out the microscope. Oooh! We looked at bug wings, mold, apple, gooze, feather and a leaf. This afternoon I saw the strangest thing up next to one of our gates. Bones wrapped in some kind of fur. I got down close and I think from one of the paws it was a cat. Some of the bones were completely clean, just laying kind of scattered in a pile. I think I will get a few tomorrow and boil them. Then shave off a piece and look at it under a microscope. #1 was really hoping that after our dead cat rotted for a few years in the ground, he could dig it up and do a bone experiment on it. Well some neighbor's dead kitty just answered his prayer sooner than he thought.

I have only one more night and then HE comes home. I seriously just can NOT wait!


Blogger Teeny said...

sounds like you had a fun-filled, productive day wtg !!!
ooh I am excited for you. This past week must have felt like an eternity. Enjoy your man !!!

12:59 AM

Blogger Glass Half Full said...

What a fun Sunday!! Even better - one day closer to seeing your hubby.

We've had dinner menus like yours: poptarts, chips, cereal...

3:57 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

Sounds like a fun day.

I laughed out loud when I read you let your kids cuss at home.

It's been a couple days since we cracked a book. Yikes. We need to get back into some kind of routine around here.

9:39 AM


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