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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rome and my reaction to China

Just got home from Rome. What a great visit. I even got to see the triplets!

Top three memories of the trip:

1. #3 sneaked Co-Co's husband's beer from him while the grown ups were all caught up in conversation. I looked over and saw that she had stuck her straw down in his mug and she was just sucking it up! We couldn't help but to bust out laughing! I asked if she liked it and she shook her head "yes". We laughed even more. Yuck! I can't believe she liked that nasty bitter stuff. She gave me a kiss afterwards and she even had beer breath!

2. All four kids camped out in Nee Nee's room. Took them over and hour to finally get to sleep.

3. #3 was so so so tired on the way home. We left at almost her bed time. #1 was hungry so I stopped in at Dairy Queen. #3 was falling asleep as we waited in the drive-thru. I kept bribing her to stay awake. Once she got the icecream in hand she could barely get the spoon to her mouth she was so tired. She ate half of it with her little eyes closed fighting to keep her head up right. Finally she mumbled, all done, but half was left. Two minutes later that girl was on a serious sugar trip. Wide awake singing every Disney song she knew. The other two passed out shortly after but she kept on going.

Right as I walked in the door, my cell phone rang. It was my man. (heart starts skipping a beat a sigh!) I miss him so STINKIN much. Good news, no other women were showcased for him last night, whew! We chatted yesterday online for an hour as he told me the most bizarre story. Go on and read it. Crazy.

here are my reactions from his first night in China:

1. Heart broken for the girls who were in that "profession"

2. Sickened by the fact that the Chinese would consider it a sign of respect to put American men in that situation.

3. I began to sob for the lost.

Anyways. I had a few hours on the way to Co-Co's house to process all my emotion. Thanks Renee for helping me out. It is so easy for us Americans to take it for granted our freedom and our privileges. Life is not about me living in a bubble living the "American Dream". I was created with a purpose and this just pushes me closer to God asking Him to use me no matter what the cost. People are dying every day and every where who have never had heard the name of Jesus Christ. There is SO much work left to be done!


Blogger Wendy said...

Sounds like a really good experience for you.

8:16 AM

Blogger Cantini #3 said...

We are enjoying reading your man's feel like you are right there with him....

12:07 PM


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