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Friday, July 28, 2006

just a post about my day

We schooled it today. I am having trouble balancing my time and attention between all 3 of them. (last year we always did school time during #3's nap) #2 wasn't that involved last year, now she wants to do "school work" the entire time. The minute she is done with one activity she is demanding I give her something else. So I am going to have to step it up and plan more assignments for her. She is not even kindergarten age, so I really don't want it to be anything too structured for her. Today she said "I get so bored with playing, Mama" So we all went to craft store to help her avoid getting bored. The other two kids love to use there imagination with action figures, role play, and building. #2 doesn't really enjoy any of that for long. She is very artistic and love loves to draw, paint, play with play dough, color, and she LOVES the computer. I hadn't really thought that it would be hard to teach all 3, but now I am seeing that with all their differences it may be a bit more challenging than I thought. I am also seeing my patience is really weak when it come to #1 reading. I regret that in the past I could be one of the factors as to why he doesn't love to do it. Thankfully, every day that we have read this week, I have heard ZERO complaining. In fact he has not complained once about any school work. I know we've only completed three days this week, but it really helps to start off in a positive way. I pray God will help me keep our work fun, fresh and interesting. Oh, our microscope came in today. #1 was about to bounce off the walls he was so excited. I am getting it out tonight and hopefully come up with some cool stuff to look at. To keep my goal for four days a week, we'll do school tomorrow. It really amazes me how quickly we can get the necessities done.

So I am just rambling. If you don't homeschool, I am sure you've already closed your browser window because you are bored to death. Sorry.

Well I just chatted online again with my man. Every time we communicate I cry. I am so pitiful. I don't know how women who have military men over seas do it. I am sure you get used to it, but man, I have been the biggest wimp. I do love how the distance creates this deep longing desire for one another. It really reminds me of just how blessed I am to have him.

Well I am off to explore the new microscope.


Blogger Wendy said...

I will probably be where you were last year because my #3 still naps, but I can see how it will be so much different when she doesn't. I really need to start school again. We have been such slackers this summer and I have noticed my #1 has forgotten some things that we worked so hard to learn. Hopefully it will come back to him quickly. Thanks for sharing. It helps so much to hear about someone else's joys and struggles w/it, especially since it is new to me.

10:09 PM

Blogger keri said...

um...isn't it still JULY? and school starts already at your house? poor kids. j/k. when does e come home? i know you miss him bad. hugs to you.

10:47 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

I have always had a lot of admiration for Homeschooling moms. I seriously considered it when I only had 2 kids, but when my #3 came along, he turned over my thinking completely, so I applaud you and your friends for taking that ministry on. It's awesome.

As for being away from your man......I know it's hard. I do, but you know that God never gives us more than we can handle. Always remember, and I know you well enough to know that you know CAN DO all things through Christ. Yes, it can be miserable. Yes, it can be lonely. Yes, it can seem like it's never going to end. But God is standing right beside you giving you the strength to make it through this time away.

Keep smiling....even when you don't feel like it.

11:26 PM


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