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Friday, December 30, 2005

I absolutely HATE it.

I hate pornography. Hate. I could type hate a million times and it would not be enough to emphasize just how much I hate it. Satan loves it. I don't go around labeling his name to things but I have to on this one. I am sick of marriages suffering from it. I am ill at how many women and men view it. It makes me want to vomit thinking of how easy it is to see and what will it be like ten years from now when #1 hits his teenage years. It makes me want to cry to know how many people excuse it as normal and ignore the dangers that follow. We are sexual beings. God created sex and Satan is having a hay day dirtying up this sacred passion and action. Satan is using his power to constantly tempt men and women through the internet, magazines, clothing styles, billboards, etc. He is also destroying women's self image. We can never be pretty enough, tone enough, SEXY enough to compare to the body images that are pasted everywhere. That makes us feel less attractive which in turns affects our sex life. We begin to withhold ourselves because we might be embarrassed to completely reveal our average bodies and give ourselves to our husbands. It is all based on lies. I am writing this because I am tired of getting spammed with prone sites. I am frustrated at the temptations me and my husband can face on a daily basis. And most of all, I am burdened at the fact that Satan has gotten a foothold in so many marriages I know and it all began to stem from this distortion of sex.

Our bodies were crafted for our mates pleasure. We are temples of God. We should take care of them. We should give ourselves to each other. In the Bible Paul said it loud and clear. Couples need to openly talk about temptations. We need to pray for protection and God's strength. Women need to realize just how sexual God created men and not with hold themselves from their husbands. We need to wake up and realize we are living in a battle. Satan is out to destroy marriages and this is his number one weapon of choice. Pray against it. Pray for protection in your own marriage. Pray with and for your friend's marriages as well. Talk about this with other married women. Encourage one another. Don't turn your head and pass pornography off as no big deal. It's a HUGE deal.

Okay I think I have said enough.

God, my heart hurts. I find myself getting discouraged by all the evil that seems to surround us. Show me your righteousness. Place within me your heart. I pray spouses will talk about this and clearly see it is not of you. Protect our marriage Lord, and protect those around us. Thank you God for my man. Thank you for the love we share. Shine your light on the darkness of the world. I pray Christians wake up and seek the truth. I love you, my creator. All I am and have belongs to you.


Blogger Kate said...

hate is a "fat free" word when it comes to this topic! it is beyond disgusting. i've seen the damage it does to people. and it's so hard to undo. this is something to pray about daily. i feel your hateful passion on this one girl!

11:47 AM


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