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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

finally got my goals met

A little late. But I met my personal goals that I have had for the past few weeks. Feels good. My "Karen" is suppose to come and help me clean tomorrow. We will see if she shows. She is from Honduras and speaks VERY little English. I have to communicate with her through her sister on the phone. If I need to give her a lot of instructions, she picks up the phone and calls her sister. I tell her, the sister tells Karen, and you get the picture. She is awesome. It is also nice to know she is not in the house hanging on every word you say. Analyzing what I am saying to the kids, who I am talking to on the phone, etc. I like it. She works real hard and she is always smiling.

Back in school today. We all really enjoyed it. I order Bob Jones math for #1 last night. I kept dragging my feet because I thought I could handle teaching it with out all the "professional help". I surrender. I need more structure. Hopefully the math stuff will come soon.

Ok, enough blabbing. I am off to bed.


Blogger Kate said...

hey - what happened to "the good the bad and the ugly"?? her blog is down. :(
hope your dear friend is ok!

6:29 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

WOW! Enjoy!

12:37 AM


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