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Sunday, January 1, 2006

it's a new year

Tonight my man and I officially began the Biggest Loser contest. We thought it would be fun to compete over the next four months. We are going to see who can lose the most weight and see who is in better shape than when we started. I am excited. I know, men lose weight faster than women, but I have a secret weapon. Well it is not really even a secret. He loves his Ice cream. He pulls a head one week, I guarantee there will be some heavy temptation left in the freezer for several days.

Two more things I want to accomplish before Tuesday. Finish revamping our Homeschool routine and curriculum and our budget. All the Christmas is down. The house looks so bare, but I feel a HUGE weight has been lifted.

I can't believe my man is off one more day. I love it. Snuggling on the couch with the kids, watching movies and snuggling with just each other. Waking up late, snuggling in bed. Having the kids all pile in the bed with us and snuggling. Snuggle snuggle snuggle. I love it. It's like a relaxing vacation at home.

We watched Hitch last night. It was not as funny as I expected. Still, it was cute. Tonight we watched Hostage. I give it an A+. Despite the f bomb being dropped every five minutes, it was good. It was intense. I am sure if I was faced in the same situation as all the characters in the movie, I'd be dropping the f bomb a few times myself.

Off to bed. Snuggle snuggle.


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey neither of you guys need to loose any weight! That is a good idea though. Maybe I can get a little competition going over here. See who can get in better shape quicker. I feel like I am starting to fall apart. My knee hurts, my wrist hurts, it can't be going over the 30 hill, can it?! No, I just need some exercise I think! And I have the same secret weapon at my house. He loves his ice cream! Walmart now carries a gallon of Mayfield ice cream in chocolate chip mint. A whole gallon! Heehee

8:22 AM


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