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Thursday, January 26, 2006

just ordinary

Can you believe it? I don't have anything to say. We had a great day. Friends over for lunch and then more friends for dinner. I didn't make it to the shower today. I am waiting for #3 to head off into dreamland and then I will head that way. I can hear her in there playing. She'll end up falling asleep on top of a couple of books, Barbies, and Pollies. She won't be still until she just passes out. What a little bundle of energy. Tonight while I was tucking her in bed, she began rubbing noses with me. I felt like I could just eat her up. Man, my kids can melt my heart. Sweet smooth faces, innocent little eyes, perfect soft lips, hugs that make you feel alive. I LOVE being a mom.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

We call those "wiggle noses". (my second child's addition to the nightly routine).
You sound great! Love to hear you soaking.


9:42 AM


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