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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

see saw

Somedays I feel like I just suck at being a teacher, mom, wife, etc. Other days I think I could rank somewhere on the top ten of the best out there. I would really love to go an entire 2 weeks feeling even kill about my performance. You know .... just give me a week. I don't regret the decision of keeping at children at home. I am just a person who looks at the glass half full. I know I am not alone, sometimes that thought should comfort me, but it doesn't. I want to be the best. My weaknesses are so HUGE that I easily feel swallowed up by them. I keep thinking in a month, I'll feel okay about it all. It is a complete lie b/c I have been saying that for years.

The sun is hitting my desk. The house it quiet. I can feel God's presence. I am wonderfully made. The good, the okay, and even the yucky parts of me. I was fashioned to bring Him glory. I am only a vessel, which He is to fill. I am to be about His agenda, not my "justified" will of my own. I am drawn to Him in the stillness. He is my God.


Blogger Teeny said...

we sound so much alike TS .. I am a self doubter BIG TIME .. just when I think "ya know I am not so bad at this job", something goes wrong and I fall in a heap .. we both need to know that we are OK just the way we are .. no one is perfect but that is what makes us unique :) .. keep your chin up lovey, you are OK just the way you are xxxx

5:59 PM

Blogger five in six said...

I had one of those days yesterday too. I have days when I think I can do it on my own and those are the days that stink the worst...that's when He's trying to get it through my think skull that I really, really need Him! You'd think I'd learn, huh?! And by the way, I know your kids think you hung the moon, somehow mine think it of me!! ;-)

7:06 PM

Blogger Kate said...

i am having one of those weeks thus far. well, except getting the valentines cards almost done - big whoop. i'm a natrual slacker, unmotivated, and undisciplined for the most part. if it wasn't for caffeine...and if i wasn't using the abkea dvd cirriculum, my kids would know nothing but how to color!

i'm telling you though... go back and read your second paragraph. you are so encouraging!

and if that doesn't work - then go look at yourself in the mirror and say "i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!" (that better make you laugh!)

11:59 AM

Blogger terrible speller said...

Yes, it made me laugh, I am a big fan of SNL 90's. Thanks.

12:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have much room to talk...coming from the biggest see-sawer this side of the Mississippi, but... I think you are wonderful! Don't listen to Satan's lies. God is delighted with you! Love you! RW

8:21 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

love this blog entry. write one like it every week!

I need to read it.

11:41 PM


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