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Monday, May 1, 2006


Today I stopped by one of my best friends house to hang out for a while. I felt like I could have sat there forever. It feels so good just to sit and visit with a friend. It was as if time was standing still. I just love my friends. I don't take the time that often to express just how much I do love them. I am a very blessed girl to have so many true friends.


Blogger Cantini #3 said...

You are so right about friends. When you used the word TRUE in front of changes the meaning. True friends are a blessing and I am thankful to God for mine too...I am, however, a slacker at making NEW friends!!!! We have GOT to get together sometime for lunch/dinner. I think that we have so much in common....except the gray :) I'll try calling to you soon, Michelle

5:22 PM

Blogger Sprittibee said...

I hung out with a good NEW friend of mine today, too. We went to the park and caught a few crawdads in a stream with the kids, rode bikes, had fun swinging on the swings, drove across a wooden bridge, and the kids took turns fishing off a peir. It was nice to get out and enjoy the day with company. Friends are truly a blessing. Old and new. I miss all my friends from Texas. Can't wait to see them again next week!

Don't worry about the gray hair! Love your new photo. :)

12:26 AM


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