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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

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Have you ever noticed that when you wear headphones and you are really into a great song, it's like you are making your own music video? Maybe it is just me, but I have been so into my shuffle lately. I loaded a bunch of "new" songs on it and I have been rockin out. It helps me burn a few more extra calories throughout my day. I use it in the mornings while I exercise and then yesterday while I cleaned out a storage closet, while I cooked, and then tonight I used it while I cooked and did the dishes (yep, still hand washing!) In fact I have groovy tunes streaming through my little head as I type this post. SO, 2 songs I can't stop listening to. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy. And my current number one favorite is Billy Ocean - Lover BOY! OH, the 80's. Good times! Forgot I added this one to my list, then as I was jogging, I was heading down hill, this song came on. At first I didn't recognize it but once I heard all the effects (whatever musical term it is) kick in, oh it was beautiful. Check out the video for it. It is so weird and just - well I won't say that word, but it made me laugh.
Loverboy - Billy Ocean


Anonymous keri said...

is that for real?! that's your favorite song, isn't it? e sings that to you at nite i bet. :)

10:10 PM

Blogger Adventures In Babywearing said...

First time reader- you sound a lot like me in that little blurb about you. Oh, and I am glad I am not the only one that does the music video thing, too, when I am really into a song. I always envision really good ideas for how the video should look for a certain song, then feel like I am in that video... maybe I am really waving my freak flag now!?

11:21 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

ooh I love that Gnarls Barkley song .. love it love it love it !!! haha I am usually visualising myself singing the song .. yeah I secretly wished I was some famous singer .. hey, I'd settle for being able to sing and for it to sound good lol

4:51 AM

Blogger Whittaker Woman said...

You crack me up. Sorry i missed you on Monday we were at the home that cooks for everyone. I miss you. I am going to be driving to fresneck this week i will call you when i am driving. Hey I LOVE the new picture. Its more you! I am thankful for you. H

6:21 AM

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

wow, that is the weirdest video i think i have ever seen. angela, not to make you feel bad, but i have never even heard of that guy before. and now, i know why. rock on girl, whatever floats your boat.

11:29 AM

Anonymous Rachel said...

Oh so funny! Strange viseo. I remeber you always knew more songs than me because I never had cable to watch videos!

8:35 PM

Blogger Cantini #3 said...

ok...just wanted you to know that you brought back some serious memories. Me and a couple of my friends actually MET Billy Ocean. We were on our senior trip in London, England and he was staying at the hotel that we were. We saw him as we were getting on the elevator and asked him if we could go get our cameras....he waited and we had the best senior trip story!!!! It was cool....and we were....for a while anyway!

12:38 PM


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