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Sunday, May 28, 2006


I snoozed for 2 hours today with #2. We were out late last night so all the kids had to "rest" today. I decided that I would catch up on some sleep as well. I may have slept a bit too long. It's my bedtime and I am not feeling very tired.

Sundays should be called "trash the house day". I feel so lazy on Sundays. I did cook, but no dishes have been done. I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday. We have a date night scheduled. The kids are super excited about my cousin babysitting. Knowing she is coming to play will help motivate them to help me get the house spic and span.

Hope I wake up REALLY motivated tomorrow!


Blogger Teeny said...

It's good to have lazy days every now and then .. oh a date night sounds sweet .. haven't had one myself in awhile .. have a great date !!!

2:04 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

I was super lazy this weekend, reading Little Women. Except during the whole book the chracters sew, read the bible and work at various tasks, which made me feel even more lazy!

12:43 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

Ok, I am a little jealous...Date night? What is that? I was just telling my husband we haven't had a date in 3 months, since our anniversary. And, I noticed today that I REALLY need to get out! Nap? Don't know that one either? My one year old woke up at 4:30 this morning...wide awake. Evidently I forgot to tell her it was a holiday and we should sleep in.

Tomorrow is a new day.

2:28 PM

Blogger Sprittibee said...

:) I felt the same way this morning. I think every day is a trash the house day if you don't conciously make an effort to follow the kids up saying, "put that back where you got it", and "your socks don't go there", and "pick up your shoes", and "please wash that dish out". Yesterday, we were all about school and I left the pot of cowboy beans and the cornbread muffin pans (along with a sink full of dishes) in the kitchen to SIT OUT overnight. I was busy reading to them from "The Secret Garden"... and I mean, who wouldn't rather do that than dishes at 9:30 PM? This morning I had a friend coming over, though, so I did the mad rush to clean up (like you said with your babysitter coming over). I think having company helps motivate you and I tend to work better under pressure. I think that is why God calls us to be in FELLOWSHIP with eachother. We all work better with some kind of accountability system. He knows our weaknesses. Just look at all these daily lessons as His way of showing you HOW you are wonderfully made, and WHY you need Him. It's all a love-story, even the details about keeping the house clean and having fun in the bubbles of your new kiddie pool! Isn't God awesome?! Who else could make the mad rush to clean up your dirty dishes fun? :)

5:43 PM


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