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Monday, June 5, 2006


Today something HUGE happened in our home. My 2 older children tried some VEGGIES! I am so excited. See ... #3 will try about anything, she "ain't" scared. But #1 & 2, they are so pitiful. #1 looks about like he is going to throw up the minute you suggest he try something new. He gets this awful look on his face and the whole time he is chewing he is having force himself not to gag! It drives me crazy sometimes at how picky they are. They won't even eat hamburgers. They'll see a commercial for a cool prize and Micky D's and ask for one. I say ... you have to eat a hamburger to get one. Quick reply from them ... NO way! #1 just recently started liking french fries! Honestly I am okay with them not liking the typical Fast Food. It forces us to eat at healthier to go places, well not many "places". We normally always end up at Blimpie and sometimes Chick-fil-A. Any ways, back to the point. I just really wish they would both try new foods without me giving the evil eye. Well I was trying to eat a healthy lunch, stir-fry-veggies and the girls decided to help me cook. So, since they helped me prepare the meal I asked them try it. #1 got in on it too, because I decided not to give him an option. They got to pick 2 veggies to try. I was shocked that both of them voted the onion to be their favorite. Not the most nutritious but at least it is a start!

Note: #3 dressed her self today. She loves the layered look!


Blogger five in six said...

Are you blogging about my kids? I swear you're blogging about my kids!! ;-)

5:58 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

no she must be blogging about my kids lol Thank goodness I am not alone here .. here I was thinking my kidlets were the fussiest kids on the planet .. I was just talking about this today with a Mum from K2's kindy .. both won't eat peas or corn kernels on their own (ewwwww yuck gross etc etc) .. yet have no problem eating them in a fried rice dish or mince stew etc. .. K1 will only eat potatoes, carrots and broccoli (of all veggies ???) and K2 will only eat mashed potatoes and broccoli (of all veggies ???) .. but surprise suprise, K2 helped make Chicken Noodle Soup at kindergarten and he loooooved it (full of all soup veggies like CARROTS - which normally he will do the gag thing on, celery, onions, etc etc) .. I have no hints whatsoever as to help fussy eaters .. I just keep trying new ways of "hiding" all the good veggies hehe

2:15 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

My #2 does not like veggies either. She will gag and put on the whole show. We have tried everything, she is finally getting better and does take a vitamin too, so that makes me feel better.

7:20 AM

Anonymous Amanda said...

ketchup is a vegetable right

3:55 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I like #3's look. I can already picture her as a teenager. Maybe she'll dress punk. :)

9:58 PM


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