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Friday, May 26, 2006

never been a cat lover

Growing up, I always had at least one dog. My mom has never liked cats so we never owned one. Well right after we got married, I begged my man for a pet. Since we lived in an apartment on the third floor we agreed a cat would be the best pet for us. So we headed off to the Humane Society to rescue a kitten. There we found a precious black kitty with white little paws. Once we got her home the cat began to have uncontrollable EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. OH my gosh did it ever reek. I was freaking out b/c she was ruining our carpet. Turns out she had some kind of worms and after two days her bowels became normal. The smell was something we could never forget so we named her Stinker. At first I adored her. My man, who is NOT the animal lover, even had some affection for her as well. Then one day she turned psycho! If you were not petting her, she would attack your leg, arm, hand, what ever. While we were at work, she would climb on our mantel and knock things off. She was so stinkin crazy. Finally we found another home for her and she became an outdoor cat. Her knew owner never had one ounce of trouble with her.

So, not sure why I shared all that, but the point of this post is, we have a cat, used to have two (one got "squished" by a car), and cats really baffle me. A typical dog loves it owner. If you go outside it wants to be petted and played with. It come when you call its name. It always seems happy when you are around and somehow you just know it misses you when you are gone. Our cat is 2 years old now and you can stand over her and call her name over and over and over and she will never not once look in your direction. If I am still and sitting in the front porch swing, she might climb in my lap, but for the most part she hangs around the kids and me keeping a distance of about 3 feet, just out of arms reach so the girls hardly ever get to pick her up. The cat shows zero emotion unless it's at the end of the day and she hasn't been fed she'll scratch at the window to let you know she's ticked. She does kill lots of small yard creatures and leaves them at the back door for us. Someone told us this is a sign of love. I am not sure if I believe them. I honestly think she does it just to have something to toss around and play with. I do like that we never have to board her and or worry with a leash. But other than that, I can't really say why I'd prefer a cat over a dog. They are just kinda strange.

Maybe this is why she doesn't seem to love us?


Blogger Wendy said...

What a cute picture! I would have to say I am more of a dog person, which works out perfect here because my husband and son are both allergic to cats.

5:49 PM

Blogger Sprittibee said...

I had to laugh all the way through this because I'm an avid cat lover, but I totally understand your pain. I for one am VERY picky about my cats. I FORCE them to be affectionate and pick a certain kind of cat due to their personality as a breed. We get ONLY long-haired Maine-Coon mixes if we can help it. I had a calico that looked somewhat like your cat once who was a bratt. Our Minga is only a year old, and she is not as affectionate as our last cat, Pug... but if we can't break her in with that, I'll be getting me a MAN-CAT (boy cats tend to be more lovey with females, girl cats tend to like boys and men better). You should stop over and read my "Ode to Pug" some time. He was a hard cat to beat. I miss him every day. Even Pug had his moments, though. I'm one of those Elmira types, though (Acme Acres Looney Toonz Cartoons) - I like to SQUISH furry aminals until they squeak. I've had my face stuffed with cat fur since I was old enough to hold on to a cat without them getting away. I was allergic to them as a kid (and still am if I rub my eyes after touching them), so my mother's favorite thing to say to me from age 2-20 was "Heather, get that cat out of your face!"

5:56 PM


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