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Thursday, June 1, 2006


How much affirmation do you need? My son needs tons! EVERY half way positive thing he does, picture he creates, structure he dreams up, he asks me if I like it, think it's cool, think he is smart, on and on. I always affirm him, but I don't go over board, like ... Wow son. You are the most creative kid on the planet. No kid could ever be as smart, funny and handsome as you. Though some times I do think the statement to be true. After all he is mine. I don't want to pump up his head to be too big. Is this normal for a kid to care so much of what I think of him? Then it hit me. Doesn't every kid want to think that in their mom's eyes they are the brightest, most imaginative, cutest, bestest kid ever? Well, he is in my eyes. All three out shine every kid on the planet from my biases perception. And tomorrow I will look at 15 other new lego things that have born from his creative mind, and I will smile and say, I really like that. You make me proud.

Alien lab: complete with ... alien space ship, 3 alien holding tanks, telescope, observation table (woman on it and man looking into her to see if there is an alien inside) alien guns, satellite dish and some computer control panels.


Blogger Perri said...

Every mom wants to feel that same way too. We want our kids to think we are the best.

1:27 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

We have a Lego Maniac here too and he often says the same things.

7:30 AM

Anonymous rachel said...

He IS very creative! That affirmation really pays off, Jim grew up with a very affirming mother. He and his sisters grew up thinking they were so beautiful and handsome. All but one are very confident adults!

10:05 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

for his project, I say go for it .. affirm away !!! he did an amazing job .. I love the way kids come out with some great work that leaves us thinking our children are geniuses .. my own kidlets amaze me ALL the time .. I forget how much they have grown up .. and you aren't alone .. my 6 yr old daughter has the same mentality .. everything she does (her creations are in the way of drawings and written stories) .. she comes out with every page or new picture and asks a few times how much do I like it .. of course I think she is a literary genius lol
you have every reason to be a very proud Mama !!!

2:11 AM


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