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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

painted yahtzee

Thanks to Hairy Keri and Aussie Teeny, I have moved on from playing boogle, which I really really stink at but continue to play b/c I am determined to up my rating, which still has not happened in the 5 years I have been playing. I am finally giving up and coming to grips, I will never be a master boogler. Now Painted Yahtzee is my game. Let's Play!

Oh, do your kids ever pick their nose? Or should I ask do you pick your nose? Check out my man's blog to read about #1's latest booger find. He told me a secret that one of his friends shared with him. He said, "Mommy, can you believe "Will" picks his boogers and eats them. He actually showed me!" Nice!


Blogger Jessica said...

I read your Hubby's blog, and I wanted to advise you to get your boy some K'NEX. They rock the building world. My kids make EVERYTHING out of them, golf clubs, Godzilla and so much more. And I do have one booger picker. Needless to say we buy our tissue at Costco!

1:09 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

oh ewww I am forever telling my kidlets to get their bloody fingers out of their noses .. lil booger pickers haha
hehe painted yahtzee is my vice too .. my name is pinkster1 if you ever see me .. I'm usually in the Yahtzee lobby !!! have fun !!!

2:38 AM

Anonymous hairy keri said...

painted yahtzee rocks. and is it gross that i like to pick my kids noses?! whenever evan has a big boog, i like to get it with my pinky finger. its awesome! hee hee.

10:48 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I'll have to try painted yahtzee when I have 6 hours to kill.HA. I used to play online cribbage and hearts. Time melts away as I sit there. Next thing I know it's 2am.
Boogers, uh. I went to your man's site and read comments and was a little nausious. I don't mind boogers; it's when I see a kid stick them in their mouths. Nasty!!

11:33 AM

Blogger Glass Half Full said...

My son picked his nose throughout most of his preschool program a year ago. I must say, "What a video moment!!"

3:28 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Eating boogies,YUCK!

10:03 PM


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