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Thursday, December 7, 2006

my #3

Today was a day when it felt like #3 either lost, spilled or broke just about everything she put her hands on. At my warnings she repeatedly chose to disobey. And to top it off, when she came in close to be sweet and snuggle, she either head butted into my nose, pulled my hair, or wallered all over my lap pushing everything and everyone else away. During one of her scoldings, I wanted her to recognize her wrong doings, so I sternly said, "Tell me what you did wrong." She looked up at me with her bottom lip quivering and poked out at least two inches and muttered, "I can't not know mommy ... I can't not know." -- My heart melted once again. Maybe tomorrow she'll be better.

This picture was actually taken at the beginning of the summer. Those lips can give some of the sweetest kisses, cutest pouts, form the most precious words and display the silliest expressions. I love them!


Blogger Just T said...

aww how precious! here's hoping she has a better day tomorrow :)

3:06 AM

Blogger Chris said...

Hi there! So glad Heather told you we moved to GA. We miss them and our CA family so very much. I don't know much about GA yet but my husband grew up here. We are way down in Newnan...I would love to find somewhere to meet and grab a bite to eat. I see where you guys go to Buckhead Church. We are going to Southside in Peachtree City. We love us some Andy Stanly and thought there was no better until we moved to CA and found Sandals...AMAZING church and to think it is out of the "bible belt" and in So Cal. Matt, the pastor there, reminded us so much of Andy and his tell it like it is style...and that guy Carlos can rock Sunday worship! I am sure everyone's schedule is crazey busy with Christmas coming up. Since coming back "home" our family is eating us up every chance they get! I would love to plan a time to get together though. Reading your blog made me feel as if I was reading a bio of myself...spelling is NOT one of my God given gifts... I to love to deep clean but can't seem to put anything away...I just don't know where to I don't. I too am controlling, self centered and emotional. I need "me" time, which is rare with my two kiddos...I rejoice at nap time, yet get nothing done b/c I am trying to crame "me" time in...then I wonder, am I just being selfcenterd and should really clean up the house...oh the things I ponder. Speaking of nap time...I have got to run. Do you talk to Heather? Maybe I could pass my number through her to you? Hope you and yours are having a much better day:) Joyfully in Him, Martha

10:03 AM

Blogger justabeachkat said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww....what a sweet post. She's my "sunshine". Oh, how I love her.

7:58 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

She is so sweet. We have a mr. butterfingers around here too. I'm sure you can guess who. The other day he filled our humidifier with pompoms. not just pompoms from the craft closet, but pompoms he had peeled off of our reindeer crafts that we just made at playgroup. What can I do...his little busy hands are EVERYWHERE!

9:02 PM


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