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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

get your groove on....

while washing the dishes. Last night my man had to work late. The kids had been begging to watch Robots so we all piled on the couch and glued ourselves to each other. Towards the end of the movie I was struggling to stay awake. When it was over I kissed them all sweetly in their beds. I was about to crawl to the tub and soak awhile when I remembered, the kitchen is completely covered in dirty dishes. Oh how I wanted to wiggle my nose and make them all disappear. Tried it .... Surprise... it didn't work. I was contemplating on just ignoring them for the night, knowing I would hate myself in the morning, when my little best friend came to mind... my ipod shuffle. Hooked that baby up and the dishes were done in no time. I got so much energy it all got scrubbed real good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our ipod puts me in strange moods to work and exercise too. The only thing is, I could wake the entire neighborhood when I wear it! I have this strange compulsion to sing and the top of my lungs and do these tribal-like dances! Andy thinks it is hillarious. I just say, hey, anything that gets me cleaning is worth the performance.:) RW

8:23 PM

Blogger arleywarley. said...

i really appreciate you. you always encourage me.

11:42 PM


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