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Saturday, May 6, 2006


Ever go to the store. Get home. Unpack all the groceries. Pull stuff out to make lunch and realize, oh man.... I forgot to get cheese. And then the next thing you know you then remember 5 more things your either forgot to put on your list, put on your list and still forgot them, or you just left the list in your car and you had to recall the whole thing from memory while walking each aisle and trying to keep 3 kids happy, out of trouble and from not touching everything and each other.

This is always what happens to me.

Oh well. Back to Kroger again tomorrow.


Blogger Wendy said...

I can definitely relate to this! I decided recently I was going to try to go to the store without kids from now on. Now I go every Sunday night without kids, with a list, my menu plan for the week, and the little brain I have left from the week.

9:28 AM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

My problem is not remembering the list or getting the food. But somehow between check out and unloading the food, something goes missing. I call on a neighbor for a last minute ingredient at least twice a month. Last week I KNOW I bought sour cream and a block of cheese. It never made it home. I have searched the car over and over again. Could it have rolled up under something in the car? If so, I guess I'll smell it soon.

8:13 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

lol I am the Queen of forgetting things from the grocery store. The funny thing is, I ALWAYS take a shopping list and I still manage to forget something haha

12:39 AM


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