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Thursday, May 18, 2006

odd little thing that happened

Here is a short story about something that has never happened to me before. I bought a bottle of Redken shampoo and a bottle of conditioner. They came as a set. The conditioner bottle held about 1/4 less than the shampoo. I started using them both on the same day. I can't remember deviating from them to a different brand over the course of about two months. Crazy thing is, I emptied both bottles on the very same day. This is like amazing to me. I ALWAYS have one emptied before the other. Any ladies out there think this is shocking as me?

A side note that has nothing to do with hair care: Thanks so SUPER much for the sweet comments left concerning yesterday's post. Things are beginning to look a bit better already.


Anonymous keri hairy said...

yep...i always have conditioner left over. or wait, maybe its shampoo....? i can't even remember...i just know that it never comes out even. but...i've bought this kind before (redken) and i don't think it worked for me. so....congrats on emptying your bottles at the same time. hee. :)

11:53 PM

Blogger Kate said...

I always have leftover shampoo! It drives me crazy. Especially when I treat myself every now and then to some Redken (did you get the All Soft? That stuff is like gold to my hair!) I must know how you emptied both bottles on the same day!!

8:18 AM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I always have conditioner left. I have a little basket under the sink with all of the conditioner bottles that are 1/4 full because I was ready to move on. I can't bear to throw them away. So usually they get trashed when we move. And since we move every 2 years that basket doesn't get too full! :)

9:25 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I too have conditioner left. I think that finishing both at the same time would be fine. That way if I wanted to try something new, I would be starting with both new products. Your hair, by the way is looks GREAT! I wish I had some curl.

11:19 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

We seriously need to contact Mulder & Scully of the X-files, because this NEVER happens!

12:27 PM

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

your hilarious. Little things like that always entertain me too. it must be because we are such awesome, smart, and humble individuals.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Eric said...

hey Babe. just wanted to tell you that you're smokin' hot!

4:26 PM

Blogger Whittaker Woman said...

I miss you, and yes this would shock me to. Its always buy one shampoo and two conditioner. H

11:19 PM


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