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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I hope santa brings ....

Don't start slandering my name when I say we don't really celebrate Santa. We've never felt comfortable making a big deal about him, yet we didn't think we should tell the truth and have our kids ruin it for everyone else's kids. So, we just don't really talk about him much. Three years ago, #1 told me he knew who really brought the presents. "Moms and dads go out and buy the gifts and pretend they're Santa." I asked him if that is what he wants to believe. He replied, "It's the truth." Anyways, the kids were watching a cartoon that was depicting Santa.

#2 asked #1, "Does Santa really bring presents on Christmas morning?"
#1- "yes." (I am honestly surprised he didn't say, "If you want to believe in Santa than you can." We've warned him not to spoil it for others.)
#2 replied, " I hope Santa brings me a white tank top"
#1- "Why?"
#2- "So I can color and draw pictures all over it."

I was listening from the kitchen and was surprised by her request. No, a white tank top has not been wrapped and placed under the tree. Not sure where I can find a tank top in the middle of winter. I hope she'll forgive Santa when she discovers he failed to deliver what she wished for.

Update: I made a trip to Walmart, and guess what, they had a white tank top!


Blogger Just T said...

You know Angela, being from a family that isn't really religious (ie we don't go to church etc), it is the opposite here in my family. (warning I may babble on lol) This year, with my children a little older at 6 & 5, I tried my best to explain the true meaning of Christmas, without discouraging the Santa theme. And to my surprise, they actually "got it". I don't want my children thinking Christmas is all about gifts and Santa, but that there is a meaning behind celebrating it. And I try to make the day about families and enjoying each others company.
Although having said all that, Fairy Princess did make the comment that Santa didn't get her the things on her list, but she was happy with what she received lol

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