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Sunday, May 7, 2006

dreading tomorrow

We had a great weekend.

The house was looking kind of bad heading into the weekend. Now that it is over, it's just a wreck. I am so dreading facing it all tomorrow.

I am going to try to stay positive and hope the kids feel like playing outside, like all day, so I can get a handle on things inside. We will see.

Oh, the message at church today was stinkin incredible. If you struggle with guilt or know someone who tries to use guilt to manipulate or if you want to learn more about Jesus character, listen to it. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.


Blogger Teeny said...

glad you had a great weekend. As I was reading your entry, I was thinking that I am glad I did my "big clean" on Saturday, BUT then I just looked on the floor and saw all the dirt I have put all over the tiles grrr it's been raining all weekend and I must have picked it up from the muddy carpark at K2's kindergarten .. guess who will be vacuuming shortly lol
ps love the new profile pic (I am sure it's been up a while since I haven't checked blogs out forever) ... you are so beautiful .. and a natural one at that !!!

12:42 AM

Blogger Whittaker Woman said...

I love you. Miss you. and just wanted you to know i am thinking of you. Sorry about the house. I hate mondays too. Its amazing what happens when mom takes a break. H

1:17 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

I know the feeling! I have a mountain of laundry to tackle today. I am hoping the kids play happily for awhile.

9:18 AM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Hope you survived well. Miss you!

8:05 PM


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