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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

in a funk & trash

I am kind of in a funk. Exactly Why? I have zero clue. I really think it is a hodge podge of stuff.

Okay something funny just happened. I am sitting here in this mellow mood when I here someone pull in our drive way. An old beat up car is sitting there and someone gets out. I can see all of this through the shears on our bedroom window. I hear the door close and then they back up and drive away. I am thinking ... what is the heck are they doing? Then I remember my man just took all the trash up to the street. Guess what was in our trash pile. It's something kinda big, has a handle, it literally sucks and I hate it. You guessed it, my Hoover Wind Tunnel. One woman's piece of crap vacuum is another man's treasure.

How odd.

I did get a new baby. I am ashamed that I have yet to post a pic of my new powerful metallic red beauty. I really love it. I already used it twice in less than a week.

Alrighty. That was fun watching someone steal our trash. Time for bed kids...


Anonymous Hannah (Ellen's sis) said...

I just read some of your blog. I loved it . It made me want to go hug my kids. We have a lot in common. We are hsing too. I love some of the little projects you showed. What curriculum are you using? I'm frantically over analyzing everything out there and can't make up my mind for next year.

Take Care!
Hannah (Ellen's Sis)

8:22 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

I'm up for input on curriculum too, if you ever want to share. We are just starting here and it can definitely get overwhelming w/how much is out there..and expensive if you let it.

10:06 AM

Blogger A said...

I know this probably won't shock you...but I troll people's trash all the time. I have gotten enough windows to build a greenhouse, a killer vintage couch (which is in my den, thank you very much), several picture frames, a vintage toolbox (that became a planter), and misc. yard furniture (that, well, sits in my yard). I LOVE trash diving.

1:27 PM


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