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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pre-Christmas fun

The Friday before Christmas the 5 of us headed to Atlanta to visit Imagine It Children's museum. We bought a family pass almost a year ago and it has been worth every dime. It is such a fun place. Afterwards we headed to the Varsity for ice cream. I was feeling emotionally satisfied with us all together and I spoke up and said, "I love living in Atlanta. So many fun things to do here." Well as we walked out and headed to our car, we hear tons of sirens wailing near by. Then we see like a dozen or so cops fly by and they stop and get out on foot and start sprinting down the road. Next there helicopters were hovering. It was chaotic. We pulled into a gas station and learned it was a car chase. Helicopters we still overhead and then a ambulance flew by headed toward the scene. So we left the gas station and headed toward the interstate. While waiting at a traffic light, I am 90% sure I saw drug exchange. Next I was on the on ramp to I-75 and it was bumper to bumper traffic. My defenses went up as I had to cross 6 lanes to get to the HOV. Normally traffic doesn't freak me out at all, but with the previous events I was just on edge. So maybe living in Atlanta does have it's perks, but it definitely has a down side.

Oh, and Blogger won't let me upload photos. What is the deal?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I hope santa brings ....

Don't start slandering my name when I say we don't really celebrate Santa. We've never felt comfortable making a big deal about him, yet we didn't think we should tell the truth and have our kids ruin it for everyone else's kids. So, we just don't really talk about him much. Three years ago, #1 told me he knew who really brought the presents. "Moms and dads go out and buy the gifts and pretend they're Santa." I asked him if that is what he wants to believe. He replied, "It's the truth." Anyways, the kids were watching a cartoon that was depicting Santa.

#2 asked #1, "Does Santa really bring presents on Christmas morning?"
#1- "yes." (I am honestly surprised he didn't say, "If you want to believe in Santa than you can." We've warned him not to spoil it for others.)
#2 replied, " I hope Santa brings me a white tank top"
#1- "Why?"
#2- "So I can color and draw pictures all over it."

I was listening from the kitchen and was surprised by her request. No, a white tank top has not been wrapped and placed under the tree. Not sure where I can find a tank top in the middle of winter. I hope she'll forgive Santa when she discovers he failed to deliver what she wished for.

Update: I made a trip to Walmart, and guess what, they had a white tank top!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my little cusser

Well for the first time one of our kids busted out a cuss word. I was sitting on the bathroom counter putting on mascara when #3 comes up and stands on the potty to go through my makeup bag. She loves the eyeshadow and as she began to apply it to her cheek, the little wand falls down on my leg and she said, "Damn it, ... Damn it Damn it!" I gave her a curious look and replied, "Did you just say Damn it?" She nodded and said yes. I honestly wanted to laugh. Then I asked, "Who have your heard say that word?" Then I really wanted to laugh as she said, "Aunt Cindy." Which is a complete lie. Aunt Cindy would never even utter a cuss word under her breath, even on her worst day. Of course I explained that just like "stupid" is a word we don't say, we shouldn't say "damn it" either. She nodded and went on to apply more eyeshadow all over her upper lip. I think I really have Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs to thank for teaching my youngest to say her first curse word. Our whole family loves that show.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is almost here

I went the other night and saw the movie Nativity. When I left my neck was wet from all the tears I shed. I thought it was awesome. I really needed it. Since I have become a mom, Christmas has just had a deeper meaning for me. I reflect on Mary and how it must have been to see her son grow up and be sacrificed for the sins of all mankind. One of my favorite things about the movie was is showed how often God invites us to be apart of his plans, and when we accept it means we do things differently than the world and even at times differently from other Christians.

Moving on from all the deep thoughts, I am supposed to be cleaning my nasty house today, but my kidlets seem to need me for every little tiny thing. (deep breaths and I whisper patience) We just took a time out from everything and snuggled up on the couch. I think it refilled the tanks, including mine, so now I am on to getting up the grim. The kids are off to a far off galaxy where Luke, #1, will fight off the bad guys and his twin sister Leah, #2 is following close behind. #3 is a character all her own tagging along and jumping in when she can.

So if anyone is feeling yucky about their house and thinks it is out of control, just come stop by and visit mine, I promise, you will leave feeling better about yourself.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 11, 2006

so proud

I can't explain just how proud I am of my man! Check out his website!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

my #3

Today was a day when it felt like #3 either lost, spilled or broke just about everything she put her hands on. At my warnings she repeatedly chose to disobey. And to top it off, when she came in close to be sweet and snuggle, she either head butted into my nose, pulled my hair, or wallered all over my lap pushing everything and everyone else away. During one of her scoldings, I wanted her to recognize her wrong doings, so I sternly said, "Tell me what you did wrong." She looked up at me with her bottom lip quivering and poked out at least two inches and muttered, "I can't not know mommy ... I can't not know." -- My heart melted once again. Maybe tomorrow she'll be better.

This picture was actually taken at the beginning of the summer. Those lips can give some of the sweetest kisses, cutest pouts, form the most precious words and display the silliest expressions. I love them!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Yesterday, as I was putting on my makeup and eating lunch, I began to stare at my mouth as I was chewing. I never knew just how unattractive it is to chew food. I mean there is no way of getting around it. The way my lips move around and cheeks go in and out as I chew is not how I would want someone to remember me. So, if we ever eat together, don't stare at my mouth as a munch away on my grub, and I will be happy to do the same for you.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

sick kid

I have got a puker. #1 is sick. The amazing thing is that now that he is 7, somehow he has matured enough to make it to the toilet before he spews. This is a HUGE achievement. Normally it is just explosive and I am left to clean up the carpet, sheets, and other stuff.

It really makes me sad when my kids are sick. I feel so bad for them. #1 is just laying around. He doesn't even feel like building with his Legos. We're truly blessed that it is rare that the kids are sick. The only advantage about them not feeling good is that I get lots and lots of snuggling.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

the weekend

It has been birthday central at our house for almost a month. #1 & #2's birthday are so close together we combine the celebrations. This weekend we had their friend party. It was so crazy yet so fun. I love all the kids together. I love all their little friends.

Today was a girlie day. I completely soaked them up. We all 3 snuggled in my bed and took a nap, we made crafts, we went to the Living Christmas Tree at my parents church and then #2 and I snuggled in my bed and looked through her scrapbooks. She likes me to read every line on every page and study all the pics. I got zero accomplished around the house yesterday, but it was worth spending quality time with my girls.

My man & #1 enjoyed a "boy day"