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Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday chit chat

I handled the kids solo at church today plus sold Married Life Tickets. We had friends spend the night last, and I still managed to leave the house on time and treat the kids to doughnuts and make it to church ON TIME. Don't pass out honey, I am pretty shocked myself.

Afterwards my folks treated us to some good eatin at Longhorns, a move - The Any Bully, and then to DQ icecream! What a treat! The movie was super cute. The girls found parts of it scary as this miniature kid gets into ant size trouble. Oh, but I just remembered, lets back up. After church we are getting into the car and #1 proudly says "I didn't say one single bad word today at church" (we let our kids cuss around the house, just kidding, he is talking about potty language) Then he continues, "during our group time, we were asked to name a sin, well I said a good one. (pause as he stares intently at me) I said that calling someone STUPID is a really bad sin. Wasn't that a good one?" I nodded my head and giggled inside. Well today the movie used that word at least a dozen times. I wonder what he was thinking every time he heard it. I forgot to ask him. I will tomorrow.

While we ate icecream, #2 was sitting across from me. I couldn't help but to stare at my beautiful child. She was just so precious sitting there with her big wide eyes, enjoying her white cream of goodness. I wished I had a video camera at that moment. A mental video camera that could record every detail of her charming face and every emotion that I felt at that moment. I wish I had something like that so that when she is 20, 40, 60, I can cherish times like that again and again. I swear, like I am sure all parents feel, that there is just no way that a mommy could love their child as much as I love mine. It truly is a miracle the love God allows us to feel for our kids. (Thanks!)

Once we got home, I was so motivated to get the house in order so we could have a productive school day tomorrow, and no- I didn't crack but one reading book on Saturday. I told the kids they had to go play with the free baby sitter-the great outdoors. I locked the gates to our property and got busy on house work. Man it feels awesome ending the day with the house straight.

Well tonight we were still so full from lunch, we just ate poptarts and fruit for dinner. Then we got out the microscope. Oooh! We looked at bug wings, mold, apple, gooze, feather and a leaf. This afternoon I saw the strangest thing up next to one of our gates. Bones wrapped in some kind of fur. I got down close and I think from one of the paws it was a cat. Some of the bones were completely clean, just laying kind of scattered in a pile. I think I will get a few tomorrow and boil them. Then shave off a piece and look at it under a microscope. #1 was really hoping that after our dead cat rotted for a few years in the ground, he could dig it up and do a bone experiment on it. Well some neighbor's dead kitty just answered his prayer sooner than he thought.

I have only one more night and then HE comes home. I seriously just can NOT wait!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

tour of homes

Keri, over at my eleven got me interested in being in the "Tour of Homes", so I decided to join in the fun.

If your are a mailman, then come to this door. I know, a lot of work in those front flower beds needs to be done. Check out my squash on the bottom right busting through the monkey grass. I picked two pieces from it yesterday!

Otherwise, pull your car around and we'll greet you at the back.

This is the first thing you'll see as you enter. #1 completely takes over our table EVERY day. He has to clean it off every night so we can eat dinner.

The den stays pretty messy all day. Clean up time is right before dinner. (Oh, that is a ocean scence we did for school on the sliding glass doors, it's about to come down)

Okay my kitchen never stays clean for very long. Plus my washer and dyer are located in the kicthen as well. Right now I have little table in there so the kids can do crafts and not mess up the carpet in the den.This is #1's room. It is only clean b/c I did an over haul in there about a week ago.

This is #2's perspective of her room.

This is #3's.

This is the master.

And this is where all the blogging takes place. I am in that chair right now.

Our home didn't come together by just me and my man, it is a long list of family members who helped make our home the cozy little place it is today.

Thanks for looking, come back again!

Check out all the other great homes at boomama.

Friday, July 28, 2006

just a post about my day

We schooled it today. I am having trouble balancing my time and attention between all 3 of them. (last year we always did school time during #3's nap) #2 wasn't that involved last year, now she wants to do "school work" the entire time. The minute she is done with one activity she is demanding I give her something else. So I am going to have to step it up and plan more assignments for her. She is not even kindergarten age, so I really don't want it to be anything too structured for her. Today she said "I get so bored with playing, Mama" So we all went to craft store to help her avoid getting bored. The other two kids love to use there imagination with action figures, role play, and building. #2 doesn't really enjoy any of that for long. She is very artistic and love loves to draw, paint, play with play dough, color, and she LOVES the computer. I hadn't really thought that it would be hard to teach all 3, but now I am seeing that with all their differences it may be a bit more challenging than I thought. I am also seeing my patience is really weak when it come to #1 reading. I regret that in the past I could be one of the factors as to why he doesn't love to do it. Thankfully, every day that we have read this week, I have heard ZERO complaining. In fact he has not complained once about any school work. I know we've only completed three days this week, but it really helps to start off in a positive way. I pray God will help me keep our work fun, fresh and interesting. Oh, our microscope came in today. #1 was about to bounce off the walls he was so excited. I am getting it out tonight and hopefully come up with some cool stuff to look at. To keep my goal for four days a week, we'll do school tomorrow. It really amazes me how quickly we can get the necessities done.

So I am just rambling. If you don't homeschool, I am sure you've already closed your browser window because you are bored to death. Sorry.

Well I just chatted online again with my man. Every time we communicate I cry. I am so pitiful. I don't know how women who have military men over seas do it. I am sure you get used to it, but man, I have been the biggest wimp. I do love how the distance creates this deep longing desire for one another. It really reminds me of just how blessed I am to have him.

Well I am off to explore the new microscope.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rome and my reaction to China

Just got home from Rome. What a great visit. I even got to see the triplets!

Top three memories of the trip:

1. #3 sneaked Co-Co's husband's beer from him while the grown ups were all caught up in conversation. I looked over and saw that she had stuck her straw down in his mug and she was just sucking it up! We couldn't help but to bust out laughing! I asked if she liked it and she shook her head "yes". We laughed even more. Yuck! I can't believe she liked that nasty bitter stuff. She gave me a kiss afterwards and she even had beer breath!

2. All four kids camped out in Nee Nee's room. Took them over and hour to finally get to sleep.

3. #3 was so so so tired on the way home. We left at almost her bed time. #1 was hungry so I stopped in at Dairy Queen. #3 was falling asleep as we waited in the drive-thru. I kept bribing her to stay awake. Once she got the icecream in hand she could barely get the spoon to her mouth she was so tired. She ate half of it with her little eyes closed fighting to keep her head up right. Finally she mumbled, all done, but half was left. Two minutes later that girl was on a serious sugar trip. Wide awake singing every Disney song she knew. The other two passed out shortly after but she kept on going.

Right as I walked in the door, my cell phone rang. It was my man. (heart starts skipping a beat a sigh!) I miss him so STINKIN much. Good news, no other women were showcased for him last night, whew! We chatted yesterday online for an hour as he told me the most bizarre story. Go on and read it. Crazy.

here are my reactions from his first night in China:

1. Heart broken for the girls who were in that "profession"

2. Sickened by the fact that the Chinese would consider it a sign of respect to put American men in that situation.

3. I began to sob for the lost.

Anyways. I had a few hours on the way to Co-Co's house to process all my emotion. Thanks Renee for helping me out. It is so easy for us Americans to take it for granted our freedom and our privileges. Life is not about me living in a bubble living the "American Dream". I was created with a purpose and this just pushes me closer to God asking Him to use me no matter what the cost. People are dying every day and every where who have never had heard the name of Jesus Christ. There is SO much work left to be done!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hadn't felt much like writing

Don't know whether it is proper for me to say, writing or typing, which ever it is, I haven't been in the mood. I am not grumpy, just needed a break.

Well, my weekend with my mom was wonderful. We stayed in a cabin on the mountain campus of my old alma mater. I would sit here and try to describe what it feels like to be there, but there just isn't any way. All I can say is, it is one HUGE slice of HEAVEN. I really got a lot of planning for school accomplished.

We got back on Sunday and immediately I went to visit my friend who is moving to Colorado. It was the last time I would see her for at least a year. It was more emotional for me than I thought.

Monday, we began school. I will get back to that. BUT the big sad thing is my man left for China. He'll be gone just over a week. It was so tough to say goodbye. Yesterday was my mom's birthday, happy birthday mom!, and we went out to eat and this wonderful Italian place. I was miserable I got so full.

So, I stayed up too late last night, cause I couldn't keep my mind off my man. Woke up this morning and felt honestly depressed. I felt like a part of me was missing. The kids and I started school. I felt like I was putting on this brave face, but I was struggling to make it believable. Then I decided we just needed to get out of the house. So we ran some errands and on the way to the library I was on my cell phone with my mom, next thing you know, I broke down. Not the car, me. I was sobbing. The kids are like .... mommy are you okay? I could barely get out the words ... I just miss your my man. I mean he's been out of town many times before, but I guess just half way around the world is just different. I did hear from him once he landed. I cried again, and then I got my composure, didn't want to freak him out too bad, and said our I love you's and goodbye. I do feel better now that we have spoken, but I can still feel the emotion swelling every now and then. So, tomorrow I am taking the kids to see Co-Co. She's my college roommate and best friend, like a true sister. I am looking forward to getting away.

Now, I want to get my thoughts out about the upcoming new homeschool year. I am continuing with Weaver, even though I REALLY want to check out Konos, I thought I give what I have another try. After two days, I think #1 might get bored with it. The kid loves science. (Takes after his mama!) He begs me to do science. I ordered and microscope today from ebay for $1.99, seriously, only $1.99 and it's not a cheapy brand either. I CAN'T wait for it to come in. Okay on with my random thoughts. Yesterday the start up of school was going really well. Then while I was reading just with #1 things got ugly. The girls could not stand it that he was receiving one on one time with me. #2 had two melt downs and some other jealous behavior. Every mood she threw at me had me believing she was experiencing 4 year old PMS. Oh, and then #3 has mastered the skill of making sure she is in the clear when mama is mad at one of her siblings. Just when I am done with my ... you better stop/straighten up speech, she looks at me and says, "Mommy, I weally wuv you" It makes me giggle inside. But today went MUCH better. I am still toying with the idea of unschooling #1. #2 is so different. She would love to sit and do workbook sheets ALL day long. I am going to keep with the program for a one, no okay, let's say two months and re-evaluate then. Who knows, I am always changing my mind.

Okay, so I think I am up to date. One more thing I want to "type" about that I want to remember forever. Tonight we all watched my favorite all time Disney movie ... The Little Mermaid. OH, I just love it. Today, #2 was singing Ariel's song in the car, and I just knew I had to watch it. Something that #2 loves to do is to play mermaid in the pool with me. We sing one of Ariel's songs with lots of emotion as we twirl around in the water holding hands. And as the song climaxes to an end, she puts her feet on my legs and pushes up and I raise her arms out like she's floating above water and we sing ... wandering free, wish I could be, part of that WORLD! and for half a second we both feel like we are beautiful mermaid princesses. That is one memory I want to have forever.

Friday, July 21, 2006

new day

The grumpies are gone, well for right now. Hopefully they will stay away for a long while. Went walking this morning and took some time to walk out on the community neighborhood dock that is behind where we live. I sat out looking at the water and then I laid on my back seeing the blue sky. I was filled with so much peace. The sun was rising to the right of me and it was streaking the clouds with beautiful shades of red and purple. Wow, I am so thankful I got up early and took time to be alone and see that.

Now I am about to put the vacuum in my hand and get busy. I honestly love to vacuum. I inherited that trait from my mom. We always joked that when she dies we'll bury her with a vacuum in her hand. Oh and just my mom and I are heading to the mountains this weekend. I am going to be deep in home school planning while she works on some projects of her own. I am really excited about getting away.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have been fighting the grumpies since mid morning. I just gave in.. UGH! okay I am sitting here trying to find peace. I think I will go open the word.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

little here, little there

So, today was very unusual. We had a friend over Monday and his mom wanted to reciprocate the favor by having all three of my kids over to her house this morning so I could run some errands. Before we left the house, another mom called and asked if my kids could come play this afternoon. So I dropped off my three at the first kid's house. Went way south to make returns at an outlet mall. Picked up her older daughter on the way back, from a cheerleading camp. Then I get to their house and their next door neighbor was over (another close friend). She asks if she can take my girls for the afternoon. So I leave them with her and take #1 to his friends house who just happens to live in the same neighborhood. I take off and hit a ba-gillion different stores, taking advantage of my FREEDOM! It had been a long long time since I had been shopping. I was proud of myself, I didn't go crazy spending money. I didn't even buy one thing for me. Part of the thing is I am SO stinkin picky. Then if I see something I like, if it's not on sale, I won't buy it. I bought the girls several pieces. Little girls always need clothes! : ) I can so justify spending money on their clothing. I mean, I got a cute sundress on clearance for $8 at Old Navy. If I could find me a cute dress for $8, I would have snatched it up quick and then told all my friends where to go and get sweet cheap clothes. Sometimes I find myself more in to my girls fashion than my own. It just seems so much easier. I am stuck in that category I don't want to look like a "woman" but I don't want to look like a teen either. So I bounce between the juniors and womans sections constantly. I'll see a great outfit on a mannequin, try it on, look in the mirror and what do ya know-it fits all wrong. I bend over and show my whole crack, lift my arms and out pops the belly button. UGH! Thankfully I have a hubby who is good with style. He is always willing to help me shop and piece together the right look.

Okay let me get off that tangent to say, wow, it was nice running here, running there, without all the: buckle your seats, get in the car, hold hands ... I said hold hands cars are coming, stop playing under the clothing racks, stay where I can see you, panic glances b/c one or more kids has slipped out of sight, no-I have no quarters for the candy machines, if you do that "thing" again you'll be in the buggy for good, please don't run over other people with the stroller, REMEMBER -we are not the only people in the store, please stop touching EVERYTHING, no-#3 do not put any more clothes that we are not going to buy in the buggy (but I weally wike it mommy), so on and so on.

Needless to say I am pooped from all my running. By the last store I just longed to go home and be with my kids. It's nice to have a break, but nothing beats just staying home with them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

old pillow, new pillow

This has been my pillow since I was about 3 years old. I love this thing. No other pillow could ever compare to my pillow. It has travel with me on many trips. It has blood stains on it from when I skinned my nose as a child. It has green marker smeared on it, that used to say "I love Joel" (that was my 5th grade boyfriend) It has absorbed many many tears, not to mention large amounts of drool, (gross, I know...I can't help it!) It has been my best night time friend for almost 30 years! Well recently I have been thinking I need to trade it in for a newer model. I have come to the realization that is really does look gross and with all those years of dust, drool, blood, and stuff, maybe it's a health hazard. So, I know I could buy an allergy cover for it, but instead I went and swiped a newer pillow from the spare bedroom and claimed it for my own. It's nice and white and stain free! I thought it would be a rough transition, but honestly the new one sleeps like a dream!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

pics from the weekend

#3 and her little man.

Don't ya just love friends who will hang with you while you clean out closets?

My lego boys

Today #1 had to take a break from all LEGOS as a consequence for saying "potty" words at church, AGAIN. SO, he was kind of lost today. I didn't realize just how like obsessive he is with them. So ... he created several characters for his sisters and him. Spider Man and Spidey Girl. They even made matching paper web shooters that they taped around their arm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

need a hero?

I got a few around here, so take your pick!

sick of the pool?

On hot days like these, I don't think we could ever get sick of the pool. I mean the heat is just exhausting. Our house was 83 degrees last night when we went to bed. I felt like we were camping outside. I am trying to think of new ways to keep this old house cool. I know one thing that heats the house up at night is me cooking in the kitchen. So on days that it is over 90, maybe we can justify eating out instead of firing up the oven and heating up the stove. Well I seriously doubt that will happen, but I can wish right? I am going to try to grill out more, but even opening the door to go out, you can feel the heat rush in. Aussie Teeny, I am envying you right now!

The report on my mom came back normal. We are VERY thankful. She is trying to get in to see a different doctor to help explain why her head is still hurting.

Here are some pics of my kids and their friends. We are sad. One of our close friends is moving to Colorado. This is the last day my kids will get to play with her for a long time. After we left the pool, I felt like crying. I am going to miss my friends.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

another summer day

I have had a yucky sinus headache ALL DAY. Tried two different meds, nothing has stopped it. But besides that, we had an enjoyable day.
The kids played campout in the yard

The girls painted lots and lots of pretty pictures

I washed a ka-gillion dishes

And #2 put up her hair with a million clips and played "Chinese Princess"

So I am off to bed, still with a headache. I guess I am having sympathy pains for my mom who has been suffering with a migraine for about a week now. She had a CT-scan on her head today, we should know something by Friday. I am worried about her. Please pray for healing.

Good night.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a pool upgrade

#1 has been imagining what his heavenly dwelling place will look like. One of his wishes is to have "a pool that's only 4 feet deep. it will have a diving board. but that's ok because when i jump off i can still touch the bottom" Well today he "earned" an upgrade. My son over came one of his biggest fears ... jumping off the diving board. Several tears we shed on his part. A lot of stern encouraging comments from me of course. It went something like this ...
Him- trembling with fear in the corner of the pool, asking that I not require him to jump.
Me- I know for a fact he is SO completely capable. I talk it up big. List the friends, younger and older, who love to jump, "son, you know I would never ask you to do anything that would cause you to hurt yourself."
He nods and replies, "I am just so afraid"
Me "Do you think you might die from jumping off the diving board?"
Him -Blank stare
Me, "Listen, I will be in the water waiting for you. I want you to TRUST ME that I won't let you drown. You just jumped 3 times from the side of the pool, its not much further"
Him -Blank stare, with some tears
Me "Just repeat after me, say -My mommy won't let me die, Say that, come on lets say it together"
Me, (not him)- "My mommy wouldn't ever let me die!"
Him-Gives me this look like -You are the biggest freakin IDIOT!

So finally he asks me to walk up with him and hold his hand. We get up there. He is trembling. The girls are hopping around behind us, "JUMP! JUMP, come on #1 just jump!"

Me- "Quiet or you both will jump!"
Him- a quick glance in the girls direction and he gives them the evil eye.

We walk out to the very end. Poor guy, he was just a shaking. I start to count. He gets his mask on. He lets go of my hand and does a big long jump toward the side. He comes up, looks around. I can see a small smirk. I ask him to do it one more time. This time, no complaining, zero tears. He gets up there, a little bit reluctant, and jumps! After that he's smiling feeling cocky and he jumps at least a dozen more times. As we left, I asked him if his pool in heaven could now have a deep end. He looked up and me and just grinned and said, YES!

Why all the drama? Both my older kids have a lot of fear at trying new things. Especially if it pushes them physically. I am not wired quite like that, so honestly it is very hard to relate. I had to push him to get the training wheels off his bike. Lots of tears were shed, but just like the diving board, once he did it, he was glowing and repeated it again and again and again. Sometimes I push b/c I think if I didn't, he'd be 16 year old boy with training wheels, hanging out in the kiddy pool and would have never once experienced being king of the mountain on the jungle gym at the play ground. I can see his potential. His dad and I just have to help him see and believe it too. He is an amazing kid. I am so happy I was able to experience that with him today. I am so proud he braved up and did it. I wanted so bad for the trust he had in me to out weigh his deepest fear. Reflecting back on our time at the pool, I am reminded that God desires the same of me.

hamburgers, heaven and the devil

Go visit my man's blog to read what #1 has been talking about lately.

Sunday, July 9, 2006


Today I packed up #1 and #2's bikes and we headed just a short distance down the road to my old elementary school. I never dreamed that my kids would grow up in the same school district as me. Boy has the community changed. The school looks almost just the same but a lot older and kind of ghetto. The grounds have been neglected for a long time, trash seemed to be everywhere. Saw a few old dried up used condoms, hair barrettes, papers, pencils, and more coke bottles than I could count. Still being back on the campus brought back a lot of memories.

1. It was second grade at lunch. One of my classmates threw up all over his lunch tray. A lady from the janitorial staff reluctantly came over and began to clean it up. As she wiped, I heard her say under her breath ... Don't know why y'alls can't make it to the bathroom.

2. Another lunch, this time 3rd grade. Some goof ball boy, Corey, stated aloud to everyone who could hear ... When I get my braces off I am going to screw my girlfriend. I had never heard that phrase before. So later while I was in the car with my mom I asked her. That is when I learned about the birds and the bees. Oh and I also learned that Corey must not know what screw meant either, b/c obviously it has nothing to do with braces being on your teeth.

3. My first grade teacher telling me one day I would be Miss America. Of course she was wrong, but what first grade girl wouldn't want to hear that?

4. Third grade class. We had a strict teacher. I sat beside this boy, Brian. He was always passing gas and getting in trouble for it. One day the teacher was out of the room and everyone was silent. I accidentally pooted, and it was very loud. The whole class began to laugh and say ewwww. I blamed it on Brian. He kept denying it and repeatedly said I did it. If my memory serves me right, I think everyone thought it was him. Sorry Brian.

5. My second grade teacher taught the class some basic sign language. I loved it. I thought I was the coolest b/c I could sign Jesus.

6. In kindergarten, my little boyfriend, Joe, was captain of the "boy team" I was so proud the day he made me his co-captain. Of course I fought by my man. Boys against girls. Fighting for rights to play on the jungle gym.

7. 6th grade, (still elementary in my day). I was walking after school to a friend's house. Two highly developed black girls were hot on my heels. They were threatening to kick my butt because they claimed I stuck my hand in their face. This was of course totally untrue. I could hear them getting closer, and I knew I did not stand a chance. Suddenly a hero came. Tall Freddie, who was also black and had a crush me, (honestly, he sent me a note asking me to go with him) stepped in. He said a few choice words and threatened what he would do to them if they ever bothered me again. Thankfully for Freddie my butt was saved and those big booby girls who had been pestering me for months, finally left me alone!

8. Another 6th grade memory. Two best friends, Amy and Amy. I was on both of their list to be their 2nd best friend. Every once in a while when they got in an fight I was promoted up. (I swear to you they truly had a list) Anyways. They missed a spelling test and my teacher, Mrs Jones (she liked me b/c we went to the same church) asked me to sit in the hall with them and call out the words for a retest. They asked me to help them cheat. When I said no, one of the Amys took a purple marker and put a HUGE line on my NEW WHITE JEANS! Mind you this is before washable markers were invented. I was SO crushed. I didn't tell on them though. I cried and cried when I got home. I thought it was the worst day EVER.

9. I loved hanging out in the library. One of the librarians didn't like many kids. I didn't like her much either so I guess that is why I forgot her name but librarian Mrs. Phillips was the best. I loved her laugh. I didn't know at the time it was a deep raspy smokers laugh that often ended with a little cough. I just loved to hear it. I remember me and some friends sneaking the book "Are You There God, It's Me Mary Margaret
" and just reading the last couple pages about her becoming a "woman".

10. 6th grade. Walking in a single file line to art class, scissors in hand. A kid named Billy was in front of me. For some reason I decided to torture him the whole way to class using my scissors to repeatedly try and cut his jeans at his butt crack. He got so aggravated at me. But I just kept on. Why he did not tell on me, I will never know. BUT I met his older sister one day during my college years. She reminded me of the incident and informed me that his mom was really mad b/c I actually ruined the pair of jeans leaving a cut mark along the crack. Sorry Billy!

11. Book Character days were the best. I was Fern from Charlotte's Web, a Care Bear and my favorite: The Pig who Wished for Wings. My dad made these awesome wings and spray painted them til I thought they looked real!

12. Walking the halls singing ... I saw you (and him) walking in the rain... and one of the janitors would always sing it back to me, then we'd laugh. (86 Oran "Juice" ... 80's music was the best!)

13. First grade. First Kiss. Several boys grabbed me and pinned me in the back corner of the play ground fence. Cliff Baxter came up and kissed me while they held me against my will. Where was my teacher? Who knows, but I did tell my mom and she got things straightened out at school. Now, as far back as my memory goes, I have more flash back about boys than girls. I was so boy crazy growing up. I remember almost every crush, but Cliff Baxter was never one of them. Had it been Brett Barfield that kissed me, I am sure I would have just blushed.

14. Last one and I will quit. Hope Evans. I'm sure there is a Hope Evans in almost every school that has ever existed. She is the girl that was a bit strange, odd, and worst of all she had cooties. Now I am not saying I never teased her, but I am also not saying I tortured her like poor Billy on the way to Art Class. We attended school together K-12. I wish could meet her one more time and say I am sorry. Her old house is on my walking route. I think of her all the time. I have even thought about knocking on the door, hoping who ever lives there might still how I could get in touch with her. I hope she had healed from all the crap she got in her past.

So this was us today at the old stomping grounds.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

no time

Time stood still for me twice today. And when it happened, I remembered how rare and precious those moments are.

1. Went on a long long walk today alone. I walked out on a community dock, (the neighborhood behind us is on a big lake) sat on the edge and realized no one was around. I laid down on my back, closed my eyes, and just listened. No watch, no phone, no ipod. My crazy mind actually turned off. I was inwardly and outwardly still. It was glorious.

2. #2 and I spent some time together today. Just us girls. We went to my aunt's house (who was out of town) to swim and jump on the trampoline. Before we left we sat in a chair, she in my lap, and played eye spy. Again ... no phone, no watch, no other thought than my girl in my lap, beautiful view of the lake, nature. It was awesome.

Friday, July 7, 2006

painted rock and walmart

The kids and I went to Super Walmart today.. I have a love hate relationship with that store. The prices really are lower and for some items, A LOT lower. But the whole layout of the store just bugs me. There is so much stuff to get distracted with. The lines are always forever long. Just when I finally make it to the dairy section I remember I forgot to get Shampoo. It seems like it takes over 5 minutes to get back over to the Shampoo aisle. Plus all 3 kids like to hang on or somehow get in the buggy. Sometimes just to turn the cart I have to use my whole body to steer it in the direction I want it to go. When we finally got home, I was so exhausted. I have to say though, the kids behavior could not have been better. I've been so into to them lately, I could just eat them all with a spoon. That phrase probably doesn't make sense to anyone, but in my tired head, it's just does.

We bought some new paint today. They decided to paint our big yard rock. They were so adorable working on it together. Afterwards they took sidewalk chalk and worked on making their own hieroglyphics.

All 5 of us ended the day by watching some home movies. I love today.

I guess I should start some photo albums?!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

we're home

Our trip to the beach was one of my most favorite vacations we have had. My man has been working so much it was so so so nice to have time away. No phone, no computer, and no TV (well the kids watched a little). It was a great break from everything. MeMe & Grandad sure are sweet for letting us come visit paradise for while.

So, I am now back in the real world again. Bill paying, grocery shopping, planning to cook "real" meals, etc. Some how the kids managed to stay quiet this morning and I did sleep until almost 9 am today. Every morning at the beach the kids got up at Georgia time. I returned home relaxed but not rested. We are just taking it easy today. The kids said they don't want to go anywhere. That is fine with me.

The water was so clear and beautiful.