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Thursday, June 29, 2006

looking for sharp pain relief

For all of you who keep hitting my blog, searching for "sharp pain in head" relief. Sorry, I am just a stay at home wife & mom who wrote an entry about one headache. You'll need to keep looking else where. Hope you feel better soon. Take care...

so today went a little something like ...

On a whim, I called some friends and asked them to join us at my aunt's(who is out of town) pool for a few hours. We show up early. I have to put up their crazy mutt who has dug huge holes in their beautiful flower beds. She yanks me around fighting her fate of being locked up in the storage house. With the dog put away, all the kids file out of the car and run ahead. As I unload I hear ...

Mommy, eeww! You gotta come look at this!

I come around with all our swimming gear in hand and want do I see-DOG POOP in the pool! I mean come ON! What kind of crazy dog takes a load off in a POOL!

Anyways, the pool gets shocked and closed for the day. Luckily they live on the lake. So all the kids put on life jackets and swam off the dock. I got into. And I realized, at 31 I have still not out grown of my fear of little fishies nipping at my toes. I wore my life jacket like a big diaper and kept a close watch on all 10 of my little piggies.

Next we head to the doctor. Wet hair and all. Fortunately I think it had been over 6 months, maybe more since we had been. The kids have really been healthy, or at least not sick enough for me to justify taking them. Anyways, I had some random health questions and needed to get some refills for them. As I was about to leave, I saw #2's weight on her chart. I realized it's been the same for at least for over a year. I asked the nurse and she looked up her averages. The child is 80% in height and 15% in weight! Crazy. I knew she was thin, but hearing her averages made me want to go buy the girl a dozen milkshakes. They want to see her again in a few months and see if she will put on some weight. I personally have never ever been asked to put on weight. She inherited those genes from her dad.

Well, later I take dinner to a friend who is moving. I get there and I am greeted by her, her husband and her brother in-law. We are all chatting in the kitchen and I happened to look down and notice my fly is gaping open. Nice. I was thankful that I had a cookie sheet tucked under my arm. I casually slid it over and did a quick zip up.

Things were kind of hectic around bed. The girls we EXTRA WHINNY. I tucked them in a 7:15. That's the earliest my kids have ever gone to bed. #1 got to stay up late and wait for his dad to come home. I was cleaning out the refrigerator and he came up to me and honored me with a lego badge. He makes these lego badges as a sign of good deeds. I was awarded this one for being the best breakfast maker, best lunch maker and the best cooker for dinners. Considering he is an extremely picky eater, I am taking it as a high compliment. I am assuming the badge is a picture of food and a place setting or something. I sure do love my little man.

We're all leaving tomorrow to go visit my man's parents and vacation. So I am shutting up for a while. Have a happy 4th.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

grandad in town

Grandad is here on business. The kids swarmed him when he got in. We love having him here, but it's not the same without MeMe.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Do you ever have one of those days you wish you were a better homeschooler, a better house keeper, more organized, a more patient mother? You want more energy, to eat healthier, to exercise more. You wish you could get your kids to eat healthier. I wish I read more, more about important things. I could wish all day and that would never change one thing. I am not really having a pity party. I am just seeing things that I would like to change. I get overwhelmed at all the things I want to be really good at. I know I am not a failure, I just see room for improvement. But at this moment, I am who I am. I will never reach perfection in any of these areas. Many I will struggle with forever, that is just the way I am designed. I need to stop focusing on all my weaknesses. I need to see the big picture. I am one person, uniquely created by God. He fashioned me in a way that I need Him. I need Him not just every once in a while, I need him all the time. Thankfully He knows that. He graciously gave me His spirit to help me. I am to submit to that spirit. When in submission, He can be GREAT. I need to get my mind off myself and praise Him for how incredible He is.

okay, I feel better. I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Our Saturday got really interesting after the ice creams. #1 and a friend were playing outside and in the monkey grass right beside where we park our cars, #1 found a baby raccoon. The boys came rushing to me. They were super excited. #1 picked the baby up and handed it to me. I saw no other ones around and of course no mom. He was making sweet little whining noises, so the "rescue" began.

The kids swarmed the poor thing. Each wanting a turn to hold it. I was certain that we'd ONLY keep it wrapped up in a dish towel and I would be the ONLY one to hold it since it's claws were sharp and he did snap at us a few times (though he had no teeth yet that could hurt us). He seemed content to stay warm in the old Christmas hand towel, snuggled sweetly in, hanging one precious paw out. It was at that moment, we all feel in love with him.

The boys decided they'd go on a mission to find it's mom or a new home for it. The girls thought it would be best to sit and snuggle with it while we watched "Barbie Repunzel". Shortly the baby realized we intended no harm and it fell asleep in my arms. I thought maybe it would be okay if #2 held it while it slept, no harm in that. I went to finish cleaning some dirty dishes and I peeked in to find the raccoon completely uncovered an snuggled up to #2 fast asleep. He'd wake up every now and then and stare up at us with those sweet little black eyes. We were completely smitten with him. #2 rubbed noses with him, petted him, loved on him, she was in mommy heaven. I sat down with her and took a turn and soon he began to nudge around like he was trying to find a way to nurse.
I told #2 ... look, see he still needs his mommy, he is trying to find his mommy's milk.
#2 leaned in and pulled the top of my t-shirt down and said ... baby raccoon, here is my mommy's "nickels'(long story as to why we call them that). You can get milk from them.
I replied ... Uh, no honey. Mommy has no baby right now so there is no milk in my nickels. And besides I don't think the baby raccoon would like mommy milk, he needs his mommy's milk.

Well the new plan was at dinner time, the raccoon was to be left outside in case the mommy decided to come back. As we finished up dinner we all started worrying that the mommy might not come back and what if he really was abandoned. We all agreed we'd keep him for the night and find a wildlife rescue person to come get him on Sunday.

Luckily we had a dog kennel left over from a dog we had over 6 years ago. With little bandit on my curled up on my back and with his head propped up on my shoulder, we washed out the kennel and began to prepare his little home. As the kids colored pictures to decorate the kennel, I decided to make a science lesson out of it and teach the kids more about raccoons. I sat down to the computer and began to get information. At this point the baby was asleep still curled up on my back. On the screen I read ... don't pick up a baby raccoon. They carry a parasite that is deadly to humans. Only use rubber gloves or a towel. Call an animal rescue person immediately.... Now this is the part where I FREAK OUT! ... GIRLS GET IN THE BATH, #1 GET IN THE SHOWER AND SCRUB DOWN! The more I read the more I panicked. I finally found a list of phone numbers of people to call who took in wild animals. After 20 placed calls, with no one answering, praise Jesus I got in touch with the right lady. She calmed all my fears and helped me figure out what to do. She said the mom will come back at dark for her baby, if she is still alive. If at my bedtime, he is still there, then bring him in and she will meet us and she'll take him. I took him by the kids beds, let them say their goodbyes, and out the door he goes. I placed him in the kids yellow construction helmet, and as I walked away, 6 feet away on the other side of the gravel path where we found him, I saw a small creature beginning to stir. Turns out it was his sister. She got ticked when I picked her up. I went and got her brother and placed them together. Back inside I kissed the kids goodnight. Daddy was at the movies with some friends and #2 began to cry for him. I asked her what is the real problem, is it the baby raccoon? She started sobbing and she could barely get the words our through her tears ... yes ... I .. just .. want .. to .. keep .. him. We had a little chat. Then she snuggled up to her stuffed "Lucy" and went off to sleep.

With the kids in bed, I armed myself with the high beam flashlight and the video camera, went to the window to wait for the mom. Just as I got there I could make out her silhouette climbing down the big tree that is near were we had found her babies. I put the spot light on her and her began to climb back up. So I gave her a few undisturbed minutes and checked back about 20 minutes later. Both baby raccoons were gone. I felt at peace for about 2 minutes. Then I began to pray ... God thanks for this amazing day. What a wonderful experience my kids and I have had. Thank you for marvelous creation. Take care of our baby raccoon. PLEASE dear Lord, let us not catch anything harmful from the sweet baby "bandit" Amen.

who wants ice cream?

I feel like we are melting. It is so hot and dry! What better way to spend the day than in the bubble pool eating ice cream. I don't think they will ever tire of this summer routine.

Friday, June 23, 2006

home again

2 adults and 5 kids all headed to the beach. One bedroom, one bath condo awaited us when we got there. The weather was perfect, the pool was huge, the beach was exciting and we all had a wonderful time.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

heading out

I am taking a week off. The kids and I are headed to the beach with some friends.

Have a great week. Take care and be good!

Oh, and before I go, I just had to post some pics of my "Super Spider Power Ranger Girl" She is pouting because she didn't want to stop playing and get her picture made. I am such a mean mom.

Friday, June 16, 2006

its over

You know, I really enjoyed vbs more than I ever thought I would. In the beginning of the week, I remember sitting there with my 3 boys and praying, God ... Please use me in some small way to show your love to these precious kids. Well toady at our last small group time, I gave the boys a little heartfelt speech. They were busy going through their goody bags and I assumed it went in one ear and out the other. I summed it up thinking, they may never remember me, but at least I told them God loves them and so do I. As I was cleaning up and the kids were lining up to leave, I felt someone wrap themselves around me. I looked down and it was one of my boys squeezing me tight. It really took me by surprise. We shared a sweet moment and then one of my other boys found me and said he was sad about leaving. We both gave each other huge hugs and exchanged some sweet words. At this point my eyes were full of tears. I knew God had used me. He even used my boys to help give me a deeper understanding of his boundless love.

Here is a top 10 list of the most memorable moments of the week:

10. During prayer time, one of the first grade girls asked us to pray for her mom's friend and her spoiled rotten daughter.

9. Racing the kids down a big inflatable slide.

8. Praying for a dead cat one of the kids saw in the road. She didn't want to pray for the family whose pet had died, just the squished cat.

7. A sane competent woman asking me - out of the blue - how much did I weigh? Then she asked me my height. Never had this happen. (It was awkward, but I did tell her the truth)

6. The question, "Excuse me, why do you wear those water shoes?" She was referring to my red crocs.

5. Oh the countless white lies first graders say. I am in fourth grade. Really how old are you? 7
Day one: He's my god brother. Day 3, same set of kids: He's my brother. Day 5: Same kids new relationship: He's my step brother. Really
John & Peter healed a cripple man, Do you know anyone who is crippled? Every kid at my table had at least 2 or 3 crippled people in their immediate family. Including a dad who has been crippled 3 times.

4. Being so so SO thankful that the out going little girl who was ALWAYS glued to her teacher, never stopped pulling on her or holding her arm, hand or leg, was never assigned to my table.

3. A lot of the older home schooled kids from the church helped in several classrooms. They were all so nice and polite. It helped me know that kids who grow up home schooled all their life are not social freaks.

2. How old are you? How old do you think I am? All my boys reply 17, maybe 19. Now I AM married, oh then you are 20! Thanks guys but I am ... (Sitting there in one of my old sunday school rooms, in a little chair, in a room full of little kids, with out my own children, listening to the head teacher review the bible lesson, I felt like a kid again. It was hard for me to get my age out of my mouth) 31, now way.

1. My favorite: Those awesome hugs and memories of my first grade boys.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sharp pain in my head

I don't think I have ever had a migraine before. I came close once. Dim lights and sleep was the only thing that would make it go away. Well tonight I am having sharp random pains on the top left side of my head. Every thing is fine and then... OUCH! It's like someone sticking a knife in my head. Just as quick as the pain comes, it goes away. Crazy.

Forgot to lay out chicken to thaw for dinner tonight. Oops. End result - no major dish washing tonight. I am thankful for that.

#2 is extra lovey today. She is like on this high. Tonight we bonded by coloring rainbow kitty cats. It was her idea. #3 sat beside us and drew her first ever recognizable people. This is huge deal to me. I remember what #2's first people looked like. They were just a big round circle with bulging eyes and two stick legs. No arms needed, just legs. #3 makes sperm people. Just a round head and a squiggly body line. I am keeping this picture forever.

She was able to point me out. I am in the middle on the top row. Recognize me? :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

vbs & me

So, two days down and 3 more to go. This getting up everyday an knowing me and the kids are headed to the same place is ... okay. I am glad it is for only a week. #2 is really enjoying vacation bible school. #3 seems happy. #1 did not want to return today, but he did without complaining. I am helping out with a first grade class. We have 26 kids. We got so full we added an extra table and stuck it in the back. I was the last teacher to show up (of course), so it became my table. Only 3 kids and me can fit at it so it's just me and 3 boys. My boys are great. Very active and competitive as most 7 year old boys are. They love love love to talk. All 3 will tell me a long life story all at the same time. They just keep talking and talking and if I try to butt in and try to get them to go one at a time, they just keep talking. Today the asked me if I would be their teacher all week. When I replied yes, they gave me a big grin and said ... YES! I have to admit it made me feel real swell. During large group time we reiterate the bible story and then have prayer time. This is truly the comic relief time for the adults. One of the other teachers asks if any of the kids has a prayer request. Well, who would have known that every day over half of them raise their hand. Kids do tell all. Who died, who is about to die, who died last year, who lost their dog, a dog died, a cat got run over and they saw it in the road. It really is so precious to hear what really concerns them.

okay, I have a an hour worth of dishes to do. I better go.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

summer friends

We've been busy busy.. Our home schooling friends returned from their trip to Romania this week. We spent all of Friday with them. Then my "Co-Co" (college roommate and life long best friend) and her kids came to spend the weekend with us. It's been a great past couple of days. I am tired. We have VBS tomorrow at my parents church. I will be helping in a first grade class. I am not excited about getting up and doing the same routine 5 days in a row. This is so unlike me. I don't see how moms who take their kids to school everyday do it. I love our "free-style" family life. It is so perfect for us. Co-Co was just saying how she misses the routine of school days. I love her, we are so opposite in some things. I love that about us. I am a home body, she loves to go go go. You know, I could list so many of our differences, but our hearts are a lot alike. I like friends that aren't like me. It stretches me to think differently and to be more accepting of other people.

Any ways, I am too tired to ramble on. The point is. I love love love my friends. AND I love my kids friends. AND, final thing, I am so happy it's summer.

"Mommy, take another picture of me"

"Mommy DON"T take another picture of me!"

Our friends at the lake

My sweet girls

Co-Co kids and mine.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

painted yahtzee

Thanks to Hairy Keri and Aussie Teeny, I have moved on from playing boogle, which I really really stink at but continue to play b/c I am determined to up my rating, which still has not happened in the 5 years I have been playing. I am finally giving up and coming to grips, I will never be a master boogler. Now Painted Yahtzee is my game. Let's Play!

Oh, do your kids ever pick their nose? Or should I ask do you pick your nose? Check out my man's blog to read about #1's latest booger find. He told me a secret that one of his friends shared with him. He said, "Mommy, can you believe "Will" picks his boogers and eats them. He actually showed me!" Nice!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

now playing

Have you ever noticed that when you wear headphones and you are really into a great song, it's like you are making your own music video? Maybe it is just me, but I have been so into my shuffle lately. I loaded a bunch of "new" songs on it and I have been rockin out. It helps me burn a few more extra calories throughout my day. I use it in the mornings while I exercise and then yesterday while I cleaned out a storage closet, while I cooked, and then tonight I used it while I cooked and did the dishes (yep, still hand washing!) In fact I have groovy tunes streaming through my little head as I type this post. SO, 2 songs I can't stop listening to. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy. And my current number one favorite is Billy Ocean - Lover BOY! OH, the 80's. Good times! Forgot I added this one to my list, then as I was jogging, I was heading down hill, this song came on. At first I didn't recognize it but once I heard all the effects (whatever musical term it is) kick in, oh it was beautiful. Check out the video for it. It is so weird and just - well I won't say that word, but it made me laugh.
Loverboy - Billy Ocean

Monday, June 5, 2006


Today something HUGE happened in our home. My 2 older children tried some VEGGIES! I am so excited. See ... #3 will try about anything, she "ain't" scared. But #1 & 2, they are so pitiful. #1 looks about like he is going to throw up the minute you suggest he try something new. He gets this awful look on his face and the whole time he is chewing he is having force himself not to gag! It drives me crazy sometimes at how picky they are. They won't even eat hamburgers. They'll see a commercial for a cool prize and Micky D's and ask for one. I say ... you have to eat a hamburger to get one. Quick reply from them ... NO way! #1 just recently started liking french fries! Honestly I am okay with them not liking the typical Fast Food. It forces us to eat at healthier to go places, well not many "places". We normally always end up at Blimpie and sometimes Chick-fil-A. Any ways, back to the point. I just really wish they would both try new foods without me giving the evil eye. Well I was trying to eat a healthy lunch, stir-fry-veggies and the girls decided to help me cook. So, since they helped me prepare the meal I asked them try it. #1 got in on it too, because I decided not to give him an option. They got to pick 2 veggies to try. I was shocked that both of them voted the onion to be their favorite. Not the most nutritious but at least it is a start!

Note: #3 dressed her self today. She loves the layered look!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

spray me, feed me

Here was our today: eat, Vacuum, eat, vacuum, hose down the kids, snack, list things on eBay, hose the kids down again, and then we all eat again, picnic style. It was fun!

Thursday, June 1, 2006


How much affirmation do you need? My son needs tons! EVERY half way positive thing he does, picture he creates, structure he dreams up, he asks me if I like it, think it's cool, think he is smart, on and on. I always affirm him, but I don't go over board, like ... Wow son. You are the most creative kid on the planet. No kid could ever be as smart, funny and handsome as you. Though some times I do think the statement to be true. After all he is mine. I don't want to pump up his head to be too big. Is this normal for a kid to care so much of what I think of him? Then it hit me. Doesn't every kid want to think that in their mom's eyes they are the brightest, most imaginative, cutest, bestest kid ever? Well, he is in my eyes. All three out shine every kid on the planet from my biases perception. And tomorrow I will look at 15 other new lego things that have born from his creative mind, and I will smile and say, I really like that. You make me proud.

Alien lab: complete with ... alien space ship, 3 alien holding tanks, telescope, observation table (woman on it and man looking into her to see if there is an alien inside) alien guns, satellite dish and some computer control panels.