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Thursday, March 30, 2006

it was too quiet

The plan was for #3 to skip a nap yesterday. I thought I would be nice and let her stay up and play. Late in the afternoon I kept thinking ... Sure is quiet around here. #3 must be playing Polly's in her room. More time went by and I was just keeping busy in the kitchen. Began thinking again ... Seriously it is just too quiet. Then I walk through the den and see #3 passed out on the couch. I guess her busy little body couldn't make it. She had brought her pillow and blankie from her room and made a little bed on the couch. Since she napped so late it was hard for her to go to bed with the others. When she finally went to sleep last night, her daddy found her curled up on the floor next to her sisters bed. It was sweet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

too much bran or too much raisin

Growing up, when ever I would eat Kellogg's Raisin Bran, I would always complain there is too much bran and not enough raisins. With each bite I would have to ration out the raisins too make sure in the end I was not left with just a bowl full of mush. Now that I am adult, I have returned to the "Two Scoops" to find that the scoops must have been upgraded to larger ones. As I am finishing my bowl I am left with a little lonely pile of bloated raisins that I don't want.

Thanks Kelloggs from trying to make my cereal better, but you cut back a little if you want on the raisins.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

snake & skink

Digging in the yard yesterday, the kids and I found a ringneck snake and a skink. They were both still hibernating. The snake looked like it might be dead. I picked it up, I did have on a garden glove, and placed it on the warm bricks of our front porch. It did not take long for his body temp to rise and he quickly began to sliver away. I picked him up again and the kids got to look him over real good. Then we set him free in the woods.

Shortly after the snake discovery we found a skink. Never met a skink before. The girls took more to him than the snake. They pet it and #2 even picked it up out of my hand 3 times. She wanted to keep it. Of course I said no.

I love our big yard. The first year we moved in we were weeding a flower bed and came across a bunny's nest. About 5 little bunnies were in there. One bunny got scared and darted away, so we picked her up and placed her back in the nest. She was just a crying. The next thing I knew #1 & #2 were holding the others as well. Two days later the mommy moved the babies away. I don't blame her. I am just glad she didn't abandon them after we had put our scent all over them.

Anyways, today we learned more about snakes for school time and made a snake craft. The kids wanted to hang there paper snakes from the ceiling in their room. They turned out really well.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

been away

I just got back in town. I am too tired to blog, but I did want to direct you to my man's blog. He did an entry on #1's latest book... The Cat that Died!

More tomorrow.

God is so so so good.

Friday, March 24, 2006

little things that make me happy

Being a stay at home mom now for 6 & 1/2 years sometimes I think it is comical at what I get excited about. Yesterday in the grocery store I was picking up some cleaning sponges. When I reached for my normal brand, the kind with the scrubby pad on top, I noticed Ocello had come out with some fun new prints. I got so happy I almost had to share my excited with a fellow shopper. I had been complaining, to just myself, that I was getting bored with the hot peppers and swirls that the always seem to have. I love the new circles and stripes. It is something I use multiple times a day and I love the change.

Also recently I had been griping, again just to myself, that I was getting SO tired of our plain boring white everyday dishes. They are hand-me-downs from my aunt. Of course I am thankful for them, I am just ready for a change. Well my great grandmother has moved to an assisted living home, I call it reliving college dorm life for the elderly (sounds fun to me). Anyways, she doesn't need all the stuff in her house so she is giving it away to all the family. My great aunt asked me to come over and pick out some things. In the kitchen cabinets I spotted something ... a whole new set of dishes. They match my kitchen perfectly. They are in mint condition. I don't think she ever really used them. They are made by Cornet and they are from the 70's. I really love them. Everyday now I think of my great grandmother as we butter bread, eat a bowl of cereal, cut up a steak, wash the dishes. It makes me really happy.

Aren't they just the coolest?!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


While the girls were painting this morning, #1 and I took advantage of the quiet moment and did some reading. As I was listening to him read I looked over and saw a tiny visitor had some how slipped into our home. We all rushed over to great the little guy. He immediately started FREAKING out. I finally caught him by the tail. We all took turns dangling him. You could see his little chest moving rapidly up and down. He turned a shade of green and then brown again. He got dropped a few times, which I am sure freaked him out even more. We ended up putting him outside after everyone gave him one last finger back rub. #2 wanted to keep it has her pet.

This whole thing took me back to a few years ago when #1 caught his first lizard. He wanted SO bad to keep it for a pet. As I dart off to go get a container for him, the lizard escaped by breaking off its tail. #1 was the one freaking out then. He was so distraught. I had to really try hard not to laugh through his pain. I am not sure why it was all so comical to me. Maybe it was 1. He was standing there in his underwear. 2. He was left just holding a lizard's tail. 3. I was actually dumb enough to think we could keep it as a pet. 3. #2 is crying so hard b/c her brother is so upset.

These photos were taken over two years ago. Check out #2's bangs! So glad we grew them out!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

good morning

I walk into the kitchen this morning and all the kids are SUPER excited. They run over to the frig and tell me they have a surprise ... Mommy, we made you breakfast! From the refrigerator they pull out a cold bowl of Raisin Bran with milk. How Sweet! But it is beyond being edible. It's been in there for over an hour! It was complete mush. I had to discreetly trash it while they were not looking.

Last night on his daddy's birthday #1 lost his 3rd tooth. We were all wrestling around and it came out. I wake up this morning and the first thing I hear is "FAIRY DUST! LOTS and LOTS of FAIRY dust". It's so cute that the girls really believe.

Well today marks the first day of spring. It's yucky and rainy right now. I am not going to whine too much since we had such a pleasant previous week.

I am just so full: full of love for my man, my kids, life, parenthood. I never dreamed I would ever be this happy.

I am off to unload the dishwasher. I am running a little behind my normal schedule this morning.

A SUPER sized grin.

Monday, March 20, 2006

to my man...

Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I have ever met. .....

Today you turn 32,
But you still look good as new.
I love how your head has no hair,
It feels as smooth as silk underwear.
I love sharing a bed with you every night
Feeling safe and having no fright.
I think you are the hottest guy around,
There is no other like you I could have ever found.

I love you

Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, I just can't wrap my brain around this. We just watched a show on TLC (we had previously recorded) about the Duggar Family. This lady has 16 kids. They may have more. I can't imagine what it would be like to live like that. I am not saying it is wrong, it is just so unusual. I know a family of 10, and a few with 8. We even used to be baby sitters for a foster home of 12. I just don't know anyone who has given birth once a year for 17 years straight. It's a really cool story of how they built their own home. If you get a chance, exercise your brain and watch it.

who doesn't love 'em?

Oh, how we love Cheetos. Crunchy are my favorite. I even love them on a sandwich to get a special crunch with every bite.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

flower pickers

Blossoms from our Camilla Trees.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

just been busy

Nothing major going on this week. Just been busy and tired. SO let me see. I will make a list of my 10 top favorite things in random order

1. Popcorn & M & M's (in the same bite)
2. Slow sweet kisses with my man
3. #3's soft cheeks
4. #2's big eyes
5. #1's little big mind & dreams
6. Getting a tan
7. Walking in the morning w/ my i-pod shuffle
8. 80's music
9. clean sheets on my bed
10. The arms of my Savior extending His love & grace.

I am off to bed. Big day tomorrow. Meeting friends at a museum. Nighty night.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

it was swell

Had a swell day. I love Saturdays when we are all home together. We burned some leaves today. That is always fun, except after two shampoos, I still can't get all the smell out. Did a little popcorn experiment over the open flames. The kids were really into it. We ended the day with the movie Chicken Run, not Chicken Little. It's an oldie but goodie. I am really entertained my the clay-mation. (Not sure how to spell that one.) I love how the husband and wife call each other Mr. & Mrs. Tweety. OH, and Ginger, the main "chick". She is so clever and witty. The whole thing is quite comical and amusing when you look and listen to all the subtle details and character lines.

Well I think its Boggle time... gotta scoot.

Friday, March 10, 2006

taking a real view

I just finished the dishes and I am pooped. Tonight while I was scrubbing, I kept thinking of all the things that needed to get done. I was feeling guilty that I was choosing to quit for the night instead of staying up to iron. Then I realized we had not "officially" done any school this week. Then it hit me. Back before we had kids and I did the normal 9 to 5 job, I can't begin to tell you how many nights we let chicken or beef spoil in the frig, just b/c I was too tired to cook and we chose to go out to eat instead. That is never an option now. I seriously cook at least 5 nights a week, at least. I look at what I accomplish everyday now compared to what I did 7 years ago before kids, wow, things have changed.

I wish I could erase this "idea" that I feel completely successful when the house is all in order. Tonight I fought back the negative defeating feelings and found lots of things that I should feel good about. I am not backed up on laundry, I wiped down the kitchen cabinets today, I weed-eated the monkey grass so the new growth could come through, I got to snuggle a bunch with my kids today (that is a priority everyday), My kids got to spend 3 hours outside playing, I ate three meals with my kids. We all 5 snuggled tonight on the couch and laughed at AFV. So what that we haven't done curriculum schooling this week. #1 has learned a ton. His reading blows me away. On his on initiative, he wrote another book, tried to spell words on his on (phonically correct), built tons of lego structures, had lots of story time with me, asked that we study bumble bees (which we will tomorrow), asked a million how why questions. You know, I am just following his lead and that is where and what he learns. Sounds totally like I am plunging into the "unschooling" method. Never thought I would be here, but it works for now. I do think I need to ask "my Karen" to come back and help me clean at least once a month. I will admit that our schooling could be better if I was not so caught up in the daily chores. Living in our home basically 24/7, it requires a lot of up keep.

I know this might sound like I am bragging, but I am constantly over looking my accomplishments and my blessings. I am wired to dwell on the things left undone, the things I suck at, the things I can't find, the stuff waiting to be cleaned, the time I wasted. I have to work on this. Love myself and be okay with where we are at. We are truly one big happy family. I couldn't love my man and kids any more than I do. I know I say that, but some how, it blows me away, but tomorrow I will love them even more.

battle has been won

A big ole huge pile of dishes greeted me this morning and quickly squelched the joy in my heart. Then I was on a mental path of doubt and negativity. I stopped myself and took a long hot shower. In that moment I was able to focus, praise God for all the gifts He showers on me. Next thing I knew the battle was over. Joy, love, excitement have replaced those nagging lies. Sweet surrender to God's consuming love.

Thursday, March 9, 2006


I just finished playing tooth fairy. It's so exciting. I feel kinda dorky by how it thrills me to go through the process of #1 losing a tooth. I love it when we first discover that one is loose. I wiggle it almost every day. Then when he finally pulls it out I jump for joy. After he falls asleep, I trade his tooth out for an old coin. When I was a kid I collected some old coins, now I sharing them with my kids. It's fun. I sprinkle fairy dust on his sheets and window sill. He knows it is all fake, but it sure is fun to pretend. The girls will be pumped to see what treasure the fairy left him. I can't wait until he gets up tomorrow. His front two teeth will be next, Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Despite to excitement of the baby tooth popping out tonight, honestly I feel crappy. I had a strange day, for me at least. Woke up at 6:10. I was STARVING. I felt shaky. I had to meet my parents at 7 am to go to her new Doctor's appointment. I was rushed as normal, so I knew immediately I had to cheat my diet. I inhaled a bowl of Raisin Bran, kissed the kids, said bye to my aunt (she came over to pick up the kids and head to her house). I drove her cute yellow bug to my parents and quickly got into their new Cadillac. Dad couldn't find his keys, we are so related. Finally mom gave in and handed hers over. He backs out of the garage and BAM. He hits my aunt's bug. It starts rolling down the backyard, CRAZY, and my dad jumps out to catch it. Finally it crashed in to a huge holly bush. We drive it back up the yard quickly look for damage. Luckily only minor scratches. Then we join all the commuters on the interstate and the nausea begins. I know the I can NEVER own an expensive car. Now, my '99 expedition has leather seats, but not the fancy expensive leather seats. The smell they give off just turns my stomach. I hate it. Plus mom and dad had their normal perfumes on and then the air in the car kept picking exhaust fumes from outside. I had some intense prayer moments during that hour. I found a plastic bag wadded up on the floor, so I grabbed it just waiting to spew. It was so weird being in the car with them, gazing out the window, feeling like a 12 year old again on our way to church or something. Thankfully everything stayed down and we arrived on time. It took me two hours to begin to feel normal again.

At the doctor, we got some really good news. She does have pulmonary fibrosis, but with it only being in the top part of her lungs, it won't be fatal. HUGE PRAISE! I like the new doctor a lot. She is running a whole bunch of new tests and we'll see in about a month what her conclusion is. I am SO SO relieved.

After the visit, dad wants IHOP. It's so obvious before I even look at the menu, I will fail my diet once again. I ate 3 pancakes and had water. Part of me just wanted to splurge and get sweet tea, hashbrowns with cheese, eggs, just gorge myself. But I managed to have some self control.

So later I pick up the kids and head home to fix their lunch. Cheated again b/c I couldn't stand the thought of eating veggies, so I ate corn chips, homemade guacamole and salsa. Hey at least I did not add cheese. I pretty much knew by then it was over. The diet was dead.

For dinner I roasted a whole chicken and made homemade mash potatoes. I did refrain from eating bread. I really was not doing the diet to loose weight. I really wanted to see and prove to myself is the Makers Diet all people say it is. Guess I won't know and I am okay with that. I hated being consumed with thinking about everything I was going to eat. It was stressful. I don't need that right now. I am going to stay away from cokes, enjoy them every once in a while, but not everyday like I used to. I am also planning on limiting my bread intake and just try to make healthier choices. Sounds like a winning plan for me.

Okay, I still feel strange. My stomach is all wacked. I am heading to bed.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

what have I done??

Okay, so today marked the first day of my first ever DIET. I began the 40 day challenge from the Makers Diet. I have been interested in this book for about two years and when one of my best friends and her community group decided to take the plunge together, I made the move to join in too. Let me tell you it's been tough today. You begin the challenge with a two week detox. No sugars, starches, or legumes. I have wanted to quit oh, about 100 times today. It has been torture seeing the kids eat poptarts (I always eat the yummy crust they leave behind), bread, cookies (rationed 3 a day), jelly, cheese, (I can eat goat cheese), tortilla chips, etc. But I am proud to say I stayed strong even when my man ate french fries and drank a coke in front of me, I refused to give in. I have a mild mild headache and I only cheated one little time. I had a tablespoon of mayo when I made fresh guacamole tonight. I think my husband thinks it's all pretty cooky. Honestly I am not sure right now how I feel either. I think it's just something I want to prove to myself that I make a choice as to what I want to eat not giving in to what my body craves to satisfy bad habits that I have developed. Who knows, I might feel differently tomorrow.

So far today I ate"

1 pound of strawberries
2 14 oz packages or frozen veggies
(topped with fresh squeezed lemon and ground pepper)
2 egg omelet with onions bell pepper & goat cheese
4 pieces of turkey bacon
Mexican chicken with homemade guacamole & salsa

....and I am still hungry.. I've been hungry all day.... I ate all day.... I want some Chick-fil-A sweet tea

Can I go on? We'll see.....

mom-inlaw update

She is recovering right now. She did great. They found no other signs of cancer besides the small lump. Praise God.

funny faces

I love my kids. They really entertain me. The face paint seems to be an everyday must.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

home again

We are home again. The trip could not have gone better. The kids were EXTRA good in the car. #3 slept half the way there and she did the same on the trip home again. This was a shocker. Normally she sleeps only half of one of the 6 plus hours it takes to get there. It was such a quiet trip. Almost too quiet at times.

We actually played on the beach Sunday. It was like paradise. The weather was just warm enough to really enjoy it. It felt heavenly. I paid for it the next day. I am SUCH an IDIOT. I was too lost in La-La land and forgot that you can get sunburned in March. I only applied sun-scream (that is what #2 calls it) on my face and shoulders. Of course I fried. My arms, back and the back side of my legs feel RAW. You can see distinctly were the suntan lotion was. Thank goodness it is not tank top season. My arms and shoulders look ridiculous. I am grateful I was at least thinking clearly enough to protect the kids. My my judgment wasn't at 100% and they come home with random red spots all over their body. #2's gymnastics teacher asked her "what happened too you?" She explained, "I am sunburned."

This trip really reminded me again of just how blessed I really am. I know we are all extremely blessed just in so many different ways. But it is nice to reflect and realize how loud God's love is for me.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

thanks, it means a lot

We are leaving for Florida today. I am anxious to see my in-laws. I really miss them.

My mom will be seeing a new doctor this coming Thursday. I am not expecting the diagnosis to change, but I am hoping they can offer better treatment options. I am praying she will comply to all they ask her to do. She has a very busy life and it's going to be extremely difficult for her to slow down.

You know sometimes it all hits me and I get real down, other times I feel strong and then there are the numb moments as well. What I take great comfort in is knowing people care and are praying. Thanks. It means a lot. I am going to keep being real with God. I am going to keep trusting He is in control and I will continue to praise His almighty name. For the blessings He has showered upon us are far more gracious than we could ever deserve. I love, with all that is within me, the Creator of the universe and it blows my mind that He loves and cares for me.

Praise you Father for who you are. Praise you God for your gift of eternal life. Praise you Father for your unconditional love. Praise you Lord, for you know me. Thank you God. Thank you.

Here are some pics that make me smile. My little (he hates that word) big warrior.

He wanted my to take a picture where it would look like he was holding the tree in his hand. He's a funny one!

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

keep reading

Everything I keep reading about my mom's disease says that after the diagnosis, patient lives 5 to 7 more years. I keep thinking surely this is wrong. I mean 5 years? I not ready for that. I want my mom longer than that. I am scared. Sad. Frustrated. Crushed. I never dreamed I would lose my mom this young. I thought at least my parents would live long enough to see my kids get married. Right now my heart is breaking. I feel so sad for my kids. They are so young. They truly adore her.

Her doctor has not told her this information. He is trying to be real positive and when she asked, "is this fatal" he would not directly answer the question. He told her not to read about it on the internet b/c it would scare the hell out of her. I think she is frightened. She is trying to appear strong, but I think it is a front.

Ok. I was cleaning the bathrooms and this all just hit me again. I think I have cried enough. I have got to keep going. I am leaving tomorrow to go see my hubby's mom.